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Nine unbeknown and interesting secrets of Apple Watch

by Edwin Liu | April 27, 2015 14:36 PM
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Up to now, it believes that almost every Apple fans has knowledge of Apple Watch, and even some of them have purchased it and are wearing it on their wrist. However, for some people, Apple Watch is still a mysterious wearable product as it has some hidden and unexpected features that few had heard of before 24 April 2015. Here I will them for you and these unbeknown secrets will be the promotion which will have you have a clear understand of Apple Watch.

Secret One: No Third party Dial

  • Not like Pebble or Android wear, Apple Watch does not support the third party dial. Although Apple offers ten well-designed and beautiful dials for consumers, it didn't feel like there was another option, really.

Secret Two: Energy saving Mode

  • As we all know, if the power of Apple Watch is too low, Apple watch will switch into its energy saving mode. But you do not know that energy saving mode will make Apple Watch is really a watch, all of the other functions are disabled. If you want to switch your Apple Watch to normal mode, you must restart it.

Secret Three: Pay successfully without Apple Pay

  • Generally, when we pay for something, we use Apple Pay, but sometimes it is not essential. For example, people can add QR Code into Apple Watch via Passbook to pay for something.

Secret Four: The strap is Interchangeable

  • As the title says, the strap of all the models of Apple Watch can be exchanged, so you can use the advanced strap with Apple Watch Sport series. In addition, Press crown and the key which below crown at the same time is the crosscut of taking a screenshot, after that, Apple Watch will transfer it to iPhone automatically.

Secret Five: No wireless charger is Support

  • The charger of Apple Watch is a magnetic induction charger and you can not charge the Apple Watch with other chargers. In addition, there is a very strange thing that when a headset is inserted into an iPhone, you can not make a call via your Apple Watch.

Secret Six: Siri is very useful

  • Apple Watch has many control methods like touch, voice and keys. Thereunto, it can be said that Siri is the best one for Apple Watch as the screen is too small to touch.

Secret Seven: Backup

  • When you connect Apple Watch with your iPhone, it will make a backup of its important data and save it onto the local storage space of iPhone. In this way, consumers do not have to worry about data loss.

Secret Eight: Some touch induction strength is Weak

  • You may have found that the vibration intensity of Apple Watch touch sensing function is quite weak and sometimes it hard to feel. If you are facing with this problem, start the Prominent Haptic mode of your Apple Watch to solve it.

Secret Nine: It can be connected to an external Bluetooth health device

  • You may do not know that you can connect Apple Watch with a healthy device via Bluetooth. For example, consumers can connect external Bluetooth heart rate monitor with the Apple Watch, and it believes that more and more device will be supported by Apple Watch in the near future.