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How to Encrypt and Password Protect Pictures, Images & Photos

by Edwin Liu | Septermber 21, 2014 18:33 PM
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There are over a thousand photos (.png/.jpeg/.raw) I took with my iPhone 5 and Canon DSLR stored on my PC’s hard disk. To keep them private, I want to put a password protection on them, any photo locking solutions? I’m using Windows 7.


There are two popular ways to lock pictures, images & photos on Windows. One is the Encrypting File System (EFS) going with Windows OS. An EFS-encrypted picture folder can only be accessed on a specified user account on your computer, denying access from any other computer user accounts. The other is WinRAR which lets you add a password after compressing your picture files.

However, to be honest, I think it’s inconvenient to use the two approaches above to protect your picture files on Windows. Here I recommend you a quick, easy-to-use, and professional file encryption solution, Folder Lock 7. The Folder Lock 7 lets you create one or more lockers and you just simply move your picture files into these lockers to keep them locked and hidden. The lockers use Military Standard 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption to protect contents stored in them and can not be deleted without a correct password.

Instruction of using Folder Lock 7 to encrypt and password protect pictures, images & photos on Windows

  1. Direct Download Folder Lock 7 Here, and then install it. Next quick launch this application and then set your Master Password.
  2. From the left column of the main screen select “Encrypt Files” option, then select “Create Locker” option.
  3. Now name the locker you want to create and set its path.
  4. Next set a high-intensity yet easy-to-remember password for the locker.
  5. Next choose a locker type you want to create. There are two locker types you can choose, the Backup-able locker and the Basic locker. If you’d like to use Folder Lock’s Secure Backup service, just choose the Backup-able locker. Furthermore, choose the size of the locker.
  6. Next click on the “Finish” button then you will get a new locker. By default, the locker will open automatically.
  7. Now, move all your private picture files into the locker, and then close the locker and quit Folder Lock 7 to finish encrypting and password protecting your picture files.