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What's the Progressive Scan Capable DVD PLAYER?

by Edwin Liu | January 13, 2015 13:50 PM
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Nowadays, many advanced DVD players like Pioneer DV-AX10, Panasonic DVD-H1000 have adopted the Progressive Scan technology, but quite a few people who are going to buy a DVD player do not know clearly what does the "Progressive Scan" mean, and what advantages they will gain if they buy a Progressive Scan DVD player. In this article, I will make an introduction of the DVD player's progressive scan feature to you.

Firstly, let’s look at the Interlaced Scan which is the traditional video displaying mode. The Interlaced Scan splits each frame of a movie into two fields, and each field contains all odd rows of image or all even rows of image. When an interlaced movie is playing, the interlaced scan monitor usually scans the odd rows to show the first field, and then the even rows to show the second field. Due to the persistence of vision, people will see the smooth motion instead of the flashing half-frame images. However, under the Interlaced Scan, the time interval between the shows of two images is large, that will result in an obvious flicker.

Compared with the Interlaced Scan, the Progressive Scan is a more advanced video displaying mode. A progressive-scan display (monitor) will scan each frame line by line, so the picture showing on the display (monitor) will be smooth and natural, and have no flickers. Because of this advantage, plenty of TV sets began to adopt the progressive scan, subsequently; many DVDs recorded in progressive scan and DVD players that have progressive scan feature reached the market.

Through the introduction above, we can easily know that a traditional interlaced-scan DVD player will need to scan the 480-line DVD image twice to get the DVD image show on the television, but a progressive-scan DVD player will scan the 480 lines of DVD image all at once, thus, the display result of the DVD movie will be more coherent, more fluid and clearer.

In order to enjoy DVD movies using a progressive-scan DVD player, your television must have a progressive-scan display. However, general progressive-scan DVD players allow you to toggle between the progressive scan and the interlaced scan, so you can still use a progressive-scan DVD player on an interlaced scan capable television.

Tip: Let’s say you are a new progressive-scan DVD player user, when you press the PROGRESSIVE button on your remote to toggle between the two video displaying modes, your television do not show you the current input (480p or 480i) it uses, then how to know if your DVD player is outputing in the interlaced scan or the progressive scan? Here I will show you a simple way to do this.

Firstly, let you DVD player start playing the DVD, then observe the “FBI Warning” scene carefully, after that, press the PROGRESSIVE button on the romote once and replay the “FBI Warning” scene to watch it again. At 480p, you will see much more definitive text than at 480i. That will let you tell what displaying mode your DVD player is outputing in easily. In addition, please note that some types of HDTV will convert the interlaced video to processive scan mode automatically; in that case, you will see no difference when you toggle the two video displaying modes.