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How to Successfully Repair Delays in a Hard Disk?

by Edwin Liu | December 8, 2013 17:26 PM
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Hard disk delay can be simply interpreted as the time we have to wait from a program is double-clicked until it is fully opened. Permanent delays mean that the hard drive has sectors with long access time. If a hard drive has permanent delays, it means the hard drive is a failing hard drive and data losses may be caused. Data loss is the last situation we want to meet. So it’s always right to make several backups of the important data on your hard disk. But when delays are found in a hard drive, you do have a great chance to repair these delays on a hard disk, so that you can rescue the hard drive and also prevent data losses in hard drive.

HDD Regenerator is such a powerful tool recommended for you to easily detect and fix delays appearing on hard disk. Although the process may take a long time, the delays can be repaired successfully. Also this software can scan and repair bad sectors on a hard drive. Besides, it also can repair delays and hard drive on external hard drives. But it’s strongly recommended to you to hook up the external hard drive as internal.

Now let’s learn how to remove hard disk delays with HDD Regenerator.

Note: Before beginning the hard disk delay fixing process, you should first back up the important data on your hard drive to prevent data loss happening.

  1. Download HDD Regenerator from here. Install and drive it on your computer.
  2. To fix delays on a hard drive, you need to create a bootable USB flash drive or bootable CD/DVD because it requires exclusive access to the drive. So click Bootable USB Flash option on the main interface after plugging the USB into the computer. Select the USB drive, click Reset Flash Size and a prompt will say all data will be destroyed, click OK. Then come to the previous windows and again click OK. Then a bootable USB drive is made. (You also can create a bootable CD/DVD to erase hard disk delays.)
  3. Restart the computer and let the computer boot from the bootable USB flash drive. Then select the hard drive with delays on it and then click Start Process.
  4. Simply enter “2” Normal Scan option from your keyboard and press Enter to go to next step.
  5. The software will let you choose what action you want to carry on hard drive. Just key in “3” Regenerate all sectors in a range option and press Enter to proceed.
  6. It’s time to choose the start sector. To perform an entire scan and repair on hard drive, you can type “1” Start Sector 0 option and press Enter. Then this software stars the delays detecting and repairing process. It may take a long time to finish the process, so just be patient.

PS: Also, the hard disk delays also can be eliminated with “scan and repair” option in step 5, as long as your hard drive doesn’t contain bad sectors and the hard drive has been completely scanned at least 1 time.

A few delay error messages are quite normal, but after the delay repairing, some delays are not fixed and still happen repeatedly, it’s time for you to back up the data and replace the hard drive with a new one. Otherwise, permanent data loss will be caused and you don’t want that, right?


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