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How to Download MP3 from Grooveshark Easily and Safely

by Edwin Liu | January 12, 2014 14:38 PM
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If you are a music fan, I bet you must know grooveshark.com, which amazingly provides free streaming music for online playback. But don’t you think it’s more convenient for enjoying songs if you download them from Grooveshark. In this way, you can transfer the Grooveshark music to your iPod, iTunes, phone or other devices for playback. Of course, if you prefer you definitely can put songs to CD once they are downloaded from Grooveshark. Problem is Grooveshark doesn’t provide download option and how do you download songs from Grooveshark?

Don’t give up so soon, will you? In this article, you are provided a very easy solution to rip songs from Grooveshark. Then you can move them wherever you like. But you first should download this Grooveshark music ripper (directly download) called Leawo Music Recorder. This software can do a really good job to securely record songs on Grooveshark with original quality and also can convert the songs to MP3 format. The song information like artist, song name, genre, album…will also be automatically downloaded within the song. What’s more, it is also available for ripping songs from Spotify, Pandora, last.fm and any other online streaming audio service sites. Learn more about this great product ...

Guide for you to download tracks from Grooveshark with this Grooveshark ripper:

1: Install and drive this software music to your computer. On the main interface, click “” icon. Then play the songs you want to download from Grooveshark and the software will begin the recording process. If you want to stop recording, you just need to hit the button again.

2: After the recording finishes, the Grooveshark music of MP3 format will automatically be saved to local hard drive. Hit Media buton at the bottom of the interface, and you can find the already downloaded Grooveshark songs there.

After the downloading, you can simply transfer the Grooveshark songs to iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, and Android phone, CD etc. for playback. FYI, this music recorder also can skip the ads if appear by adjusting the filter and then automatically dump any track that’s too short. Creating new playlist is also allowed. Anyway, it won’t let you down.

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