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How to Rip Songs from Last.fm for Enjoying Freely

by Edwin Liu | December 31, 2013 17:32 PM
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Last.fm is a great music service, which allows you to find the music of your type based on the music you already listen to. You even can free download some songs directly from last.fm to MP3. Those free songs are kindly provided by artists and labels making their music available for listening on last.fm. However, such free music is of a limited amount. If you want to listen to tons of free songs from last.fm, you have to enjoy them online. But what if you want to listen to or download the last.fm songs onto your iPod, computer, iPhone, Android phones or other devices for offline playback? Another feature of the provided online free songs you probably don’t like is that they are usually including ads.

Then you may ask if there is a solid last.fm ripper to rip music from last.fm and also remove the ads at the same time? The answer is positive. In this post, you are recommended a tool named Leawo Music Recorder, which can be used as a song ripper. It can effortlessly record last.fm music to MP3 as long as they are completely played one time and the song information like artist, album name and cover, genre and so on will be automatically detected and download from the giant Internet resource. Besides, the original music quality also will be fully reserved.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that the network should be well connected. Then the smooth online playback of the songs you want to rip from last.fm should be guaranteed. As a result, you can successfully download songs from last.fm.

The operation process of this audio recorder is very easy. You just need to download it directly from here and then install and open it on your computer. Then hit the Record button for getting ready to rip the last.fm songs. Next, play the songs you’d like to save to MP3 and the software will automatically start recording songs from last.fm. Once the playing song finishes, you’ll get the song downloaded and find it under Library tab of the software. If you prefer, you also can directly transfer the ripped last.fm music to iTunes. Or you can find the location of those songs on computer hard drive and then transfer them to iPod, iPhone, Android phones or other devices for playback on the go.

In the end, I should remind you that this amazing software also can record any other online music like Spotify, Pandora, MySpace music, etc. Many other surprising features are waiting for you to discover: filtering out the ads, creating new playlists, etc. So what are you waiting for? Just download it and try.


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