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Reasons & Solutions for Bad Sectors on Hard Disk

by Edwin Liu | November 20, 2013 16:29 PM
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Magnetic media are used on hard disk for storing data. However, when the hard disk is not in use for a long time or is not used properly, those magnetic media can get damaged and some problem like the bad sectors will be unavoidably generated. Those bad sectors may be caused by software error or hard disk failure. However, the appearance of bad sectors doesn’t mean the end of a hard disk life. If handle appropriately, we possibly can rescue hard drive by ourselves or we can say that the hard drive life will be prolonged.

According to the different properties, bad sectors are divided into two types: logical bad sectors and physical bad sectors. Generally speaking, logical bad sectors appear because of the software error and these bad sectors can be repaired easily with some software. Physical bad sectors are usually caused by the magnetic media error. It is very difficult to fix bad sectors of such kind. However, software like the great Abstradrome HDD Regenerator will give you great chances to fix physical bad sectors of magnetic error.

What will indicate the existing of bad sectors?

  1. Reading disk error will repeatedly occur when opening a file or running a program.
  2. Accessing a file takes a long time.
  3. Wired sound comes out when do the read and write operation on hard drive.
  4. Can’t successful format the hard disk. The formatting process stops and error report shows at last.
  5. Scandisk runs automatically to scan the disk error every time booting the computer.
  6. System can’t be normally started and prompt messages like “Sector not found” or “General error in reading drive C” pop up.
  7. The blue screen of death happens frequently.
  8. ...

The internal working condition of a hard drive is extremely stringent and so we can’t simply disassemble the hard disk to repair when bad sectors happen. But we can fix the bad sectors by using some sort of software to reduce the losses maximally. Then how to remove the bad sectors on hard drive?

Before starting the bad sector repairing progress, we should make sure the bad sectors are logical or physical. Then take different fixing measures accordingly.

Fix logical bad sectors:

Generally speaking, the written data on sectors by some genuine software can prevent other software accessing the sectors, which will lead to the scan disk tool mistakenly thinking logical bad sectors appears. Bad sector in this condition needs not to repair.

Another condition for logical bad sectors is led by improperly use. For example, restart the computer when having the data read problem. This will cause logical bad sectors and physical bad sectors also can be caused if the situation is too bad. For those logical bad sectors, we can use the Windows built-in tool to scan the hard disk and repair the bad sectors. You can first right-click the drive letter, then go to Properties -> Tool tab -> Check Now -> Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. If this can’t completely fix the logical bad sectors, you can use other tool like ScanDisk, Chkdsk, DiskDoctor in Norton, etc.

Repair physical bad sectors:

Physical bad sectors like I mentioned before is very hard to repair. But for those bad sectors of magnetic error on disk surface, you can use software like HDD Regenerator to easily fix them. However, you also can low-level format the hard drive to bypass or hide the bad sectors. As a result, the data can’t be stored on those bad sectors. Then the security of users’ stored data can be guaranteed in some degree. But you should notice that low-level formatting will have a negative effect on the life-span of the hard drive. Also the bad sectors will spread along with the increasing times of hard disk partition and formatting. So this method is not recommended.

Of course, if you have tried all the methods and the hard disk still can’t be recover, it’s time for you to replace it with a new hard drive.


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