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Apple Watch tutorial - Nine useful tips for gesturing your New Apple Watch

by Edwin Liu | April 24, 2015 09:00 PM
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On 24 April 2015, Apple launched its first wearable product named Apple Watch on schedule. And it believes that a number of Apple devotees had pre-ordered this powerful wearable product for ten days in advance on the official website and the Apple Watch had been already on the wrist.

However, as a new product category of Apple, the skills and mode of operation of Apple Watch are different from iPhone, iPad and other IOS device etc. Here are some tips for Apple Watch gesture operation we sorted out, if you are the one who are unfamiliar with Apple Watch gesture, do read it!

1: Sliding Down to Get the Notice

  • On the screen of Apple Watch, draw down, you will see the list of notifications and just like iPhone 6, you can find the missed calls, texting and App notices etc. Users can click to view the details of information, if do not want to, wipe the notice via sweeping.

2: Sliding Up to Get the Glances

  • The features of Glances enables Apple Watch users check a variety of application messages simultaneously and fleetly. For example, users enables view battery life, music control and fitness function etc.

3: Press Crown to Get the Home button

  • There is no home-button on the screen of Apple Watch, instead, it has a crown on the side of the fuselage. Press it to enter into application interface and click on it again to return.

4: Press Crown for seconds to Start Siri

  • Press the crown on the side of fuselage for a second, the Siri function will be firing. According to the different order, Siri will help you check the weather, time and view the scoring etc.

5: Press the screen forcibly to check hidden Menus and Options

  • Apple Watch has a pressure sensitive screen, in other words, it enables take a different reaction according to the pressure. For example, in the music application, press the screen can bring up the wireless headset connection options and in the map it can call up the search options.

6: Press flat button to access to frequently used Contacts

  • Press the flat button under crown, you can find and check your contacts directly. Roll the wheel to select contact and realize phone calls or sending text message. In addition, you can start Apply Pay with double-click on the flat button.

7: Functions of Long-press Flat Button

  • People enable shut Apple Watch down, lock the device or Power reserve via pressing flat button. For the Power reserve, let me repeat that Apple Watch will close all the functions except the clock, if you want to leave this model, charge your Apple Watch and restart it.

8: Double-click Crown to Return to the previous application

  • What should we do if we want to return to the previous application? Easy, just click the crown twice continuously. For example, if you receive a message when you are checking the map, you can press the crown twice continuously to return to map after the reply message.

9: Cover the screen with hand to start Silent mode

  • If you have a meeting soon, just cover your Apple Watch for a while, and then the screen of Apple Watch will be going out to start the Silent mode automatically.