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Four Ways to solve the problem That iPad Air 2 Keyboard Lag

by Edwin Liu | May 09, 2015 15:00 AM
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Ever since its introduction, Apple’s iPad Air 2 has proved to be the best tablet computer in 2015, it consistently maintain the positive quality of iPad like its predecessors and also pioneer a number of new technologies such as Fingerprint Verification Technology. However, there isn't a flawless and perfect thing in the world and it believes that some iPad Air 2 users have occasionally encountered a keyboard lags while chatting with friends or typing an email. And here are few iPad keyboard lag issues I picked up from Apple Support Communities.

I'm using an iPad Air 2 16 GB and I've just updated to iOS 8.3. Typing has become really difficult and the keyboard will lag for as much as 10 seconds after as few as 3 characters. Is there a quick fix for this? --- asked by Salvation on Apple Support Communities

From time to time, quite very often when I'm typing, the input is paused for about half a second then appears on the screen as I continue to type. I'm using the default iPad Ai 2r keyboard with no external keyboards attached. I don't know if this is just the keyboard lagging or the whole screen is lagging. This is very annoying, is there a way to fix this? Could this be a hardware problem? --- asked by MittoSFX on Apple Support Communities

Well, as an ordinary user of iPad Air 2, although I can not say the exact reason for the keyboard typing lags, if you have the same issue with Salvation, MittoSFX and I, learn the following DIY ways to fix it.

1: Make Sure Guided Access is OFF
Open the Settings interface and open “General”>>”Accessibility “>>”Guided Access” and make sure the button behind “Guided Access “is off.

2: Set iCloud
Go to Settings and find “Documents and Data” option from “iCloud”, and then keep “Documents and Data” switch off.

3: Remove the third-party keyboard

Sometimes the third-party keyboard can cause keyboard lags issues. Just remove it from the iPad Air2 and use the default keyboard.

4: Reset All Settings of iPad Air 2
Well, if the issue is still exists after trying the all the solutions I listed above, directly reset your iPad Air 2 by going to Settings – General – Reset all Settings. That’s all!