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Why can’t we see a real Borderless Mobile phone in the Market?

by Edwin Liu | May 03, 2015 23:00 PM
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What is the Borderless Mobile Phone?

The definition of borderless mobile phone is that, people cannot see the black edges of a phone screen and the screen of mobile phone appears to be suspended in the fuselage. Borderless mobile phones can offer its user a more stunning visual effect than the nontrivial mobile phones can.

Is there a real borderless mobile phone in the market?
I am sure most people would answer yes, but it was the exact opposite. Actually, Japanese mobile phone manufactures (Sharp) had released two so-called Borderless Mobile phone AQUOS Crystal and Crystal X, nevertheless, AQUOS Crystal and Crystal X are not the real borderless phone as the two mobile phone has a border in nature, but with the help of refraction, the screen of the two phone look like without a border.  

There is no mobile phone without a border because Full glass suspension technology is a world-class problem and no black side is just wishful thinking

Up to now, there is no mobile phone without a border as if we want to realize the dream “a phone with no black side”, we have to capture the full glass suspension technology (so far, it is a world-class problem).

“Full glass suspension design “requires the phone screen to be attached to the metal frame overall, and the demand for the glue, dispensing equipment and the process are all very evident. According to industry experts, the technology of full glass suspension not only needs the best glue, but also the extremely good dispensing machine; Use high frequency jetting valve to spray 0.3 millimeter long glue line and through CCD alignment for accurate positioning of the dispensing path, at the same time, mobile phone box needs to be added to the bottom glue to enhance the adhesion of adhesive surface.

The dispensing process of mobile phone is very strict and the open time of glue is just 2-4 minutes. In 2-4 minutes, we should finish the process of dispensing, buckle two connector, a foam and a pressed steel sheet. After these steps, it needs pressing and holding pressure; among them, the step of holding pressure is very important and the time of holding pressure is at less two hours, mainly to ensure the glue performance and prevent rebound. In addition, the pressure must be maintained at a temperature above 25 degrees, humidity above 60%.

In short, in the whole process, any part failure will lead to a whole process failure while the costs much great. That is why the famous mobile phone manufactures like Apple, Samsung and HTC etc do not want to use full glass suspension design. Therefore, a mobile with no black side is just wishful thinking and do not bet on it. However, it believes that someday we can surely have a phone without black side, but not now, instead, in the near future.