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Is it worth upgrading your iPhone 6/6 Plus to IOS 8.2

by Edwin Liu | March 25, 2015 17:11 PM
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Both my old sister and I have a iPhone 6 plus and recently amy upgraded her iPhone 6 Plus to IOS 8.2 and after that she told me her iPhone was always low on battery and feel the power is insufficient. Now, I'm a little frightened because i want to upgrade mine to iOS 8.2 so that i can I get it and Apple watch synchronization. Please help!

Many thanks

Jerry from www.avangate.com


Answer: In order to coincide with its new Apple Watch, Apple Inc. offers a series of new health-tracking features in the IOS 8.2 and after the upgrade, some IOS 8.2 user found that IOS have a shorter battery life than its predecessors and 30 minutes for a thirty-five percent power consumption.

Immediately, the complaints of IOS 8.2 has appeared on every major forum. Some user said that 100%-99% used to be able to work 45 minutes, now just 20 minute, and then every 10 minute takes 1% power; even one iPad Air 2 user revealed that “I connect my iPad Air 2 with WiFi and it takes 2% power with leaving it alone.

Faced with this question, Apple later said that IOS 8.2 updates a lot, these features are mainly to coincide with Apple’s new watch and this update needs occupy at least 400MB space. We use this to improve the healthy function of IOS and 400M is relatively trouble for a 16G iPhone 6 / 6 plus user. At last, Apple suggests consumer can try closing the health tracking function to solve this problem.

From above, it seems that Apple do not give consumers a way to take care of the problem and the solution is not certain to succeed. Thus, if you are the one who have an iPhone and the space of you iPhone is not enough, do not own a Apple Watch as well, you had better do not upgrade your Apple device to IOS 8.2.