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How to Recover Deleted/Damaged Files on Various Brands USB Flash Drive

by Edwin Liu | June 21, 2015 17:48 PM
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Obviously, USB Flash Drives which are also called pen drives, key drives, USB sticks or simply USB drives, are more and more popular in our daily life. That is because they can plug into any computers to store and transfer data for us, and also are small enough to carry in a pocket. What’s more, the design of USB Flash Drives is more fashion and beautiful than before. Some of them are even designed to necklaces and bracelet. In addition, more and more manufacturers have joined to produce USB drives. Among the various brands, the most populars are SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, HP, Transcend, Toshiba, Corsair, Sony, OCZ, Patriot, etc.

The more we use USB drives, the higher risk we lose our data. Whatever brand of USB drive you are using, it seems that data lost from such devices happens here and there. Common people believe that the data cannot be retrieved once they are lost. But now I want to tell you that you have a great amount chances to recover lost data from your USB sticks, no matter what brand it is. As long as you stop using it immediately to make sure that you will not rewrite the original files in the USB sticks.


So what you will need to recover the lost data from USB drives? Simple! A data recovery software. Once you search on line for the data recovery softwares, you will find lots of similar such softwares. Among them, I think Remo Recovery (Windows) will be a better choice for you. It can retrieve various kinds of USB drive data lose caused by:

  • Windows system asks if you want to format USB stick and you accidentally press “Format”.
  • Mistakenly delete files from pen drive.
  • The drive was attacked by virus so that files get hidden or deleted.
  • Not properly remove the USB flash drive from computer when the data was transferring.
  • Power surges and electro-static discharge.
  • The file system of USB drive is displays as raw, etc.

Also, it supports other storage device data recovery like hard drive, external hard drive, flash memory card, etc. Its fast data recovery speed and easy to use also attracts many users to experience.

Now I will show you how to recover lost data from USB drives with Remo Recovery (Windows) step by step:

  1. Connect your USB drive to your computer. Download Remo Recover (Windows) Here, install the program and run it, then the home screen shows upon you. You will be provided with three editions: Basic Edition, Media Edition, and Pro Edition. They can be used in different data recovery conditions. You can select one according to your own needs.
  2. Click the Media Edition, then two options will provide for you. If you want to recover deleted photos, videos, audios, E-mails, Zip files, etc, you can select Recover Deleted Photos option; if your data such as photos, videos, audios were lost because of virus attacks, or not properly removing the USB sticks, you can use the Recover Lost Photos option. Select one of the two options according to your need.
  3. Then, you will be shown an interface which including the Drives/Partitions in your PC and your connected USB drive. Just click your USB drive letter and then click on Next to proceed.
  4. Then an information dialog window pops up to prompt you performing an additional scan for specific file types by choosing the files based on their extensions. With it, you can do a specific scanning. But it will take your a long time. So you can click Skip button to skip it to do a quick a scanning first.

    If the data you want to recover is not list among the quick scanning result, you can click Back to return to the former interface to do a specific scanning.
  5. After a short scanning, you can see a list of the recovered data in the interface, they can be viewed using File Type View / Data View option. If there is too much recovered data, you can type the file name in the left top blank to search for it. You can also use the Find option to narrow the range of your recovered files if the files don’t have a exact name or you simply forget it. It’s easy to operate, just click this drop down menu to search among the recovered data according to the file size, the last date accessed or created data of the file.
  6. Once you find the lost files from your USB drive, just save them to your local hard drive. Done!


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