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How to Convert DRM-protected WMA to AAC Audio Format

by Edwin Liu | March 12, 2013 10:45 AM
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AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) is an audio format developed by Apple Inc and Nokia Inc basing on the MPEG-2 audio compression technology. AAC is referred to as "the data compression method for 21th century" in phone world because the audio files encoded with AAC can retain excellent tune quality in high compression rate, and support up to 48 audio tracks, multiple Sample Rate and Bite Rate, multi-language, and high decoding efficiency. Many today's multimedia devices set the AAC as the default audio format.

If your computer stores a large catalog of WMA music, and you wish to convert them to AAC format so that you can put these WMA music on iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. for playing, here i will explain to you how to do this in detail.

First, due to the common WMA files can be easily changed to AAC format by many free open-source programs such as iTunes, Freemake Audio Converter, Zamzar, etc., here i won't say anything more.

Next, for the protected WMA files, because the DRM (digital right management) protection scheme included in them will prohibit ordinary conversion programs from converting them, we will need a DRM audio conversion program to convert these protected WMA music to AAC format. Here i recommend using the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter. This software is able to strip DRM restrictions on WMA files by recording the original files at high speed, and then convert the DRM-free WMAs to AAC file format with good output quality. Learn more about this great software...

The Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is simple to use:

1. Free download Aimersoft DRM Media Converter and install it onto the computer.

2. Launch this removal program, then drag one protected WMA file onto the interface of the removal program to load it. You are also allowed to add multiple WMA files to batch convert them.

3. Select "AAC" from the Audio files to drop down menu on bottom of the program's main screen. Click the Browse button to set an output folder to save the converted audio files.

4. Hit the Start button. Wait as the program turns the loaded protected WMA to an AAC audio file and save it to your computer.


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