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Make your protected WWV video from Amazon Instant Video be open and Convert it to MP4, AVI and M4V etc. video formar

by Edwin Liu | May 04, 2014 08:26 AM
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Question: I am a Amazon Instant Video zealot and I always buy and download video from Amazon, so there are a mount of video stored on my PC and all of them are in .WMV format, and are protected by DRM protection so that they can only be played on Windows Media Player. Is there any way can make there WMV video purchased from Amazon be open? I mean that they can be copied to my Android tablet for playback, thank a million!

Answer: To protect Amazon’s business interests, Generally the video downloaded form Amazon Instant Video are built in Digital Rights Management by Microsoft, in this way Amazon Instant Video users can not re-distribut his purchases onto other media players but Window Media Player, and this make many Amazon Instant Video users in a bad mood on videos/movies enjoyment on the road.

To free these protected WMV videos and let them be played smoothly on the portable electronic equipment like iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet/phones or even some game consoles such as Xbox 360, etc. the third party program DRM removal tool will be necessary for you. Here Pavtube Chew Tunes is highly recommended to you, with it you can free your protected Amazon video legally, it free these DRM-protected video through recording rather than cracking the Digital Rights Management. After recording, this powerful program also enables convert the recorded video to a range of common video format like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, MPEG-2, etc. for playback on the popular electronic devices.

Step-by-step guide to remove the DRM protection of Amazon Videos with Pavtube Chew Tunes on PC

Step 1: Download and install Pavtube Chew Tune

Click here to download Pavtube Chew Tune onto your PC, then install and run it. In addition make sure the audio drive be installed and the protected WMV video can be played normally with Windows Media Player.

Step 2: Add source files into Pavtube Chew Tune

Launch this DRM removal tool, then you will find “Add” button, click it to import the WMV video into it and you can add several videos at one time.

Step 3: Select output video format

According to your electronic device, tap on the drop-down menu “Format” to select your wanted video format. Here we take "Same as the source video (*.mp4)" from "Common Video" as the target video format.

Step 4: Begin the conversion task.

Finally, find the big “Convert "button at the lower right corner of panel to begin your conversion task. Once finished, you can directly get your output video by clicking “Open“ and transfer it to your electronic device for watching anytime anywhere. That’s all!

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