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How to play your rented or purchased Amazon video on Surface RT/2/Pro/Pro 2 anywhere anytime

by Edwin Liu | April 03, 2014 11:02 AM
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As we all know, the movies or videos download from Amazon Instant Video (formerly Amazon Video On Demand), which are stored in our PCs are usually DRM protected, and the intent of DRM protection built-in our downloaded videos is to prevent its digital content from being copied, converted and transferred to other devices for watching. As a result, we cannot transfer our DRM protected movies purchased from Amazon Instant Video to our own tablets like Surface RT/2/Pro/Pro 2 for playback easily, or even copy them to our Surface Tabs, they cannot be played normally. Thus DRM is a big barrier that prevents us from enjoying our favorite Amazon videos on Surface RT/2/Pro/Pro 2 without the limitation of time and location.

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Actually, it is not unrealizable to play DRM protected video or movies from Amazon Instant Video on the Surface RT/2/Pro/Pro 2, merely we need an App help us remove the DRM protection first. As removing the DRM protection is illegal and prohibited, Pavtube brings consumers a brand new App named Pavtube Chew Tune, it offers us a legally solution to free our DRM protected videos and strips DRM copy protection via recording the certified DRM video rather than cracking the built-in DRM protection. In addition, after recording, it enables automatically convert recorded movie to an appointed video format that you have set at “Format” bar, and both two procedures (record and convert) are finished in background and the quality of output video is always almost same with the original.

Download and install this powerful Amazon WMV to Surface converter to free your Amazon video with few clicks refer to the tutorial below:

Tutorial: Remove DRM from Amazon video with Pavtube Chew Tune to Surface RT/2/Pro/Pro 2 on Windows

Step 1: Directly download Pavtube Chew Tune to your PC here, then install and run it successfully. Please ensure your Amazon video can be played with Windows Media Player smoothly on PC and remember to allow the audio driver installed when you install Pavtube Chew Tune.

Step 2: Click “Add Video” to add the source video into this program, or directly drag and drop Amazon install video to Pavtube Chew Tune.

Note: you can add multiple Amazon instant videos to Pavtube Chew Tune at one time

Step 3: Hit the pull-down Menu “Format” to select surface RT/2/Pro/Pro 2 playable output video format. Here we choose “Common Video” >> “Same As the source video (*.MP4) as output format.

Step 4: After the three steps above, tap on “Convert” icon to start the Amazon instant video to Surface RT/2/Pro/Pro 2 conversion. Once finished, click "Open" to get output video and transfer it to Surface Tabs for watching freely. Note: As Pavtube Chew Tune’s 1:1 video recording, the conversion time is usually a litter longer than the source movie playing time. That’s all!

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