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How to Burn Downloaded BBC iPlayer Videos(Programs) to A DVD Disc

by Edwin Liu | Febuary 28, 2013 14:25 PM
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With the BBC iPlayer Desktop, your hard drives have been filled with downloaded BBC programmes locked with Microsoft's "PlayForSure" DRM copy protection, but you can't figure out how to burn such protected videos to a blank DVD disc for permanent storage. In this article, i will provide you with a dead simple solution, Aimersoft video convert ultimate, for burning BBC iPlayer downloaded programs to a DVD which you can insert into your DVD player for watching.

To summarize the process, we're going to use the Aimersoft video converter ultimate to strip DRM restrictions on the downloaded BBC programs, convert the Non-DRM BBC programs into DVD format (.mpeg2). When all that's done, we'll use the Aimersoft video converter ultimate's DVD burner feature to burn the MPEG2 files to DVD disc.

Step 1: Free download the Aimersoft video converter ultimate, then install in onto your computer.

Step 2: Fire up this ultimate software, click "Add Files" button located at the top left corner of the interface, navigate to the folder where your BBC iplayer downloads store, then select the target ones you want to convert to DVD and click Open to load them.

Tip: You can preview the loaded video files, and even take a screenshot while watching the video to use it for your DVD cover.

Step 3: Click the "Output Format" pull-down menu on the side of the window, and select the MPEG-2 as output format. Then click the "Convert" button on the bottom right to start converting the DRMed programs into open MPEG-2 format.

Step 4: When the conversion finishes, click "Open Folder" button and you will see the newly converted MPEG-2 file. Now, go back to this ultimate's home screen, click the "Burn" option to enter the DVD burning tab and click the "Add Files" button again to load the MPEG-2 file.

Step 5. Place a blank DVD disc to your computer's DVD drive. On the right side of the ultimate software's window, click the "Burn to" drop-down list and select DVD Disc option. You can also select the DVD Folder or ISO Files options to make a backup storing on your computer.

Step 6: Hit "Burn" button, and the ultimate software will begin to burn the loaded BBC programmes to DVD. That's it.


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