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DRM-protected Video/Audio to Nokia Lumia 2520 – Enjoy DRM film on Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet

by Edwin Liu | April 10, 2014 17:02 AM
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As all we know, by using some certain security algorithm/protocol and the security management methods,Digital Rights Management technology can finally achieve its goal to protect the digital content (e-books, videos and audio, etc.). With DRM, the digital content without authorization or permission cannot be used, copied or distributed. DRM will not only control the physical transferring process of the content, but also manage and control the entire life cycle of the content.

However, DRM has always been a controversial technology. On the one hand, the content providers want to protect their own intellectual property, while; on the other hand, users would like to enjoy free resources. Thus, it is still not strange that you see some people play their rented or purchased DRM-protected file like video, music and e-books, etc. on the tablet. For example, it is really a good choice to play favorite movies on Nokia’s new tablet Lumia 2520 for enjoyment, As long as you have removed the DRM protection from DRM video or movies via an DRM Removal tool, you will be able to enjoy the DRM movies download from iTunes” or Amazon Instant Video on the excellent Nokia Lumia 2520. So if you happened to be the person who wants to play your DRM video on Nokia Lumia 2520 and do not how to do it, download Pavtube Chew Tune and follow the step-by-step guide below to let Pavtube Chew Tune free your DRM file on Windows In an legal way.

Guide to free the DRM video legally on Windows with Pavtube Chew Tune

Step 1: Download, install and run Pavtube Chew Tune on your computer, and Ensure the installation is correct!

Note: Please ensure your rented or pruchased DRM video can be played with Windows Media Player smoothly, and during the installation, allow the audio driver installed.

Step 2: Click “Add Video” to import source video into Pavtube Chew Tune, in addition, adding multiple videos to Pavtube Chew Tune at one time is also supported.

Step 3: Go to the lower left corner of the interface to find a pull-down Menu “Format”, then click it to select a compatible video format for Nokia Lumia 2520. Here we choose “Common Video” >> “Same As the source video (*.MP4) as the target format.

Step 4: At last, Hit the big “Convert” icon to let Pavtube Chew Tune to free your DRM video and left it along. Generally it will takes one to one and a half hours to do the conversion task for a movie. Once finished, transfer the output video to your Nokia Lumia 2520Tabs and enjoy it anywhere anytime. That’s all!

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