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Guide to play the rent/purchased video from iTunes Store on Google Nexus 10/7/2rd

by Edwin Liu | April 27, 2014 09:23 AM
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Question: I am heavily vested into the iTunes arena and have made many purchases these years through the iTunes Store. Recently I bought a Google Nexus 10 from eBay and want to transfer several iTunes movies to it for playback on the road, so I did it but got failed. My friends told me to strip the DRM copyright from my iTunes movies via a DRM removal tool, but I do not want to free the iTunes movie via that way because cracking the DRM protection is an illegal thing and I just wonder if there is a way can help me free my iTunes video legally, if there is, please share and many thanks!

Answer: You are absolutely right, most of the DRM removal programs in the market are suspectable as they free these DRM-protected iTunes movies via cracking the protection rather than bypassing it, and properly speaking, it is an illegal behaviors. That being the case, is there a legally way enables us enjoying our DRM-protected iTunes movies on Google Nexus 10? The answer is affirmative, since removing the DRM from iTunes movies is illegal, we can find a tool to record the authorized iTunes movies to Google Nexus 10 for playback.

Pavtube Chew Tune is a Window-based video recorder and video converter, it enables cleverly bypass DRM protected and produce a copy of the original authorized iTunes movie via recording, and as it is 1:1 video recording, the recording time is same with movie playing time. And after recording, its powerful built-in video converter enables help you convert the recorded video to a range of common video format like MP4, WMV and AVI etc. so that you can play it on Google Nexus 10 or some other electronic Media players; in addition, the quality of output video is also prefect! Directly this DRM-protected video recorder onto your computer and install it, then follow the guide below to record your iTunes movies to Google Nexus 10 for playback with few clicks!

Step 1: Run Pavtube Chew Tune to add source movies

Import the source video to the Pavtube Chew Tune for conversion by clicking “Add Video” button. Or directly drag them into Pavtube it. Wait patiently, the source videos will be loaded successfully soon. Also batch conversion is supported by Pavtube Chew Itune.

Step 2: Choose output video format for Google Nexus 7/10

Pavtube Chew Tune presets a set of optimization video formats for popular device like iPhone, iPad, Google Nexus and some other media players. Thus directly tap on the dop-down menu “Format” and choose “Google Nexus OneMpeg 4 Video (*.mp4)" from "Androin" option as the best output video format.

Step 3: Start recording and converting iTunes M4V movies

At last, click the big “Convert” button to begin recording and converting iTunes protected M4V videos to MP4 video for Google Nexus 7/10. As Pavtube Chew Tune is 1:1 video recording, the task will be finished in two hours. That’s all!

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