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How to play DRM-protected WMV/M4V video on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

by Edwin Liu | April 19, 2014 14:02 AM
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So you have many DRM-protected movies purchased from online digital store like iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and want to transfer them to your Samsung Galaxy Nexus for playback anytime anywhere? If the answer is affirmative, I believe you have come the right place and in this article, we teach you how to easily remove the DRM copyright protection from WMV/M4V video so that you can sync your Samsung Galaxy Nexus with video from iTunes or Amazon Instant Video.

Here we take Pavtube Chew Tune as the best DRM-removing tool to strip the DRM from WMV/M4V video, not like other DRM removal program, Pavtube Chew Tune is the only one program that helping consumers free the DRM-protected video as it removes the DRM protection built in WMV/M4V movies through recording rather than cracking the Digital Rights Management and it will not bring you any illegal matters.

Step-by-step guide to free the DRM-protected WMV/M4V video with Pavtube Chew Tune

Step 1: Download, install and run Pavtube Chew Tune on your computer. Remember to allow the audio drive to be installed.

Step 2: Tap on the big button“Add Video” to add your DRM-protected video (.WMV, .W4V video) to the Pavtube Chew Tune.

Step 3: After importing the source video, click the drop-down menu "Format" to select MP4 video as your target file format for conversion. Select “Samsung” >> “Samsung Galaxy Nexus (*.MP4) " in turn.

Step 4: At last, click “Convert” to start recording movies to Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Wait patiently and generally it takes one and half an hour to finish the record. That’s all!

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