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How to Put and Play Digital Copies, Movies and TV-episodes from iTunes/Amazon on HTC Droid DNA

by Edwin Liu | January 22, 2013 11:23 AM
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Your local hard drive stores some movies and television episodes from the free digital copy discs, Amazon Instant Video or iTunes, then how to put and play them on your new HTC Droid DNA's 5-inch, 440-pixel-density display screen. Since such video stuff are "locked" by the DRM (digital right management) which is a class of access control schemes to prevent consumers from re-distributing their video purchases to the unauthorized devices like the HTC Droid DNA, to strip the DRM restrictions for playing on Droid DNA is necessary.

move itunes library to htc droid dna

But which tool is the best if you want to make your digital copies, Amazon/iTunes videos DRM-Free?

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter will be an ideal choice. It enables you to remove different kinds of DRM schemes by re-encoding the copyrighted videos to the open, plain file formats with high quality output. And convert videos at up to 6X faster speed based on NVIDIA CUDA technology. learn more about this product ...

Followings are the steps of converting digital copies, Amazon/iTunes videos to HTC Droid DNA playable video formats with the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter:

Step 1: Free download Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, install and launch it.

Step 2: Click the "Add Video" icon upper left on the window to load DRMed video files you want to convert, like iTunes .M4V files, Amazon .WMV files, Digital copies (.WMV or .M4V), etc.

Step 3: In the "Video files to" drop-down list, you can choose a correct file format as output for HTC Droid DNA. The HTC Droid DNA supported video formats included MP4, DivX/XviD, H.263/H.264, and WMV (Non-DRM).

Step 4 (Optional): Click the "Settings" button to open the profile settings panel where you can adjust the encoding parameters such as Encoder, Bit rate, Frame rate, Resolution, etc. to personalize the quality output. Followings are two recommended settings:

#1. Converting HD movies and TV-episodes from iTunes, Blu-ray digital copies to HTC Droid DNA:

Encoder: High-definition H.264
Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels
Frame rate: 30fps
Video Bit rate: 20000kbps

#2. Converting SD movies and TV-episodes from iTunes, DVD digital copies to HTC Droid DNA:

Encoder: H.264
Resolution: 640x480 pixels or 720x576 pixels
Frame rate: 24fps
Video Bit rate: 1500kbps

Step 5: Click the "Start" button to start the conversion. It may take a few minutes or hours to create DRM-free, Droid-NDA-playable video files from the source DRMed videos. When the conversion is do, all that left is to transfer the output videos to the HTC Droid DNA through a USB cable.


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