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How to watch purchased DRM-protected video or audio on Google Nexus 9 Freely

by Edwin Liu | December 16, 2014 23:32 PM
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On November 3, 2014, Google launched a new tablet computer named Google Nexus 9, which was proved to be perfect for movie enjoyment after its listing, and the survey revealed that Google's this tablet had won the fond of many consumers, especially video enthusiasts. In the light of the meteoric rise in Google Nexus 9'sales and in the needs of movies playback on Nexus 9, this article aims to introduce a great way to strengthen the experience of video enjoyment on Google Nexus 9 – copy, convert & transfer the purchased DRM-protected videos or audios downloaded from video websites like iTunes, Amazon Instant Video (AIV) and Xbox Music etc. to Google Nexus 9 for watching!

get rid of drm from amazon vod

Imaging you had purchased some DRM-protected videos or audios before and stored them in your folder for a long time and now, my main task is to help you making these purchased video/audios open and put them to new use on Google Nexus 9. Here I introduced a program named Aimersoft DRM media Converter to do the task of making these DRM videos and audios open and converting them to Google Nexus 9 supported videos like MP4, AVI and MKV etc. You can learn more about the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, and after that, Follow the simple guide below to let this program strip DRM protection attach to your purchased chosed videos and convert these protected multi-media contents to Google Nexus 9-compatiable video quickly.

Here's how it work:

1: Click here to download the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter from the web and install it on your windows machine. After installation, run it.

2: Find the “Add Video” button from the operating panel, click on it, select your wanted video from the folder you stored your purchased DRM-protected video.
Note: You can import several videos or audios as bath conversion is supported by Aimersoft DRM media Converter.

3: Looks down and find the “Video files to “button just like finding the “Add Video” button from the operating panel. You will get a drop-down window after hitting “Video files to”, select “MP4 Video”from“Common Video” option as the target video format for Google Nexus 9.

Note: You can also select “MP4 HD”from “HD Video”for Google Nexus 9 as long as your purchased video is HD. In addition, consumers can hit the "Settings" button to adjust the parameters of output video like Encoder, Resolution, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, Audio Bit Rate, Channel, etc.

4: when everything is done, just press the big “Start” button to begin makes these purchased video open and get them converted. When the process of conversion is finish, find the produced video in the output folder and sync them to your Google Nexus 9 for watching. That’s all!


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