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Strip the DRM from DRM-protected video downloaded from iTunes or Amazon - make them playable on Sony Xperia Z 3

by Edwin Liu | December 24, 2014 22:32 PM
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Question: Recently, I bought a Sony Xperia Z 3 and want to put my previously purchased movies to it so that I can enjoy them on my new Sony Xperia Z 3 during my Christmas season. However, I have heard it said that the movies purchased from iTunes are all protected by DRM and the DRM stops these purchased digital contents from copying, transferring and playing on non-Apple device. And I also know that a DRM video converter can help me achieve that, but I have no idea of which program I should choose, anybody can give me any suggestion on this matter? Thanks

get rid of drm from amazon vod

Well, the biggest problem you face is to choose a nice DRM Video Converter, and It does no easy to respond you because of “no best, only fit better”. As you want to find a DRM video converter works well on convert iTunes movies to Sony Xperia Z 3, here I recommended Aimersoft DRM Media Converter to you, and the amazing part is I also use a Sony smart phone and I have a same experience just like you before. However, after some experimenting I found Aimersoft DRM Media Converter suit my Sony Xperia Z 2 phone better. In addition, to tell the truth, I can certainly tell you that I think each DRM converter gives the same experience to me and I just think Aimersoft DRM Media Converter suits me better, everything considered. Want to have a try? Just learn more about the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter here ..

Here's how it work:

Step 1: Click here to get Aimersoft DRM Media Converter downloaded onto your computer, and then install, run it.

Step 2: Click on “Add Video” button to load the DRM-protected files your want to watching on Sony Xperia Z 3 into Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, or you can directly drag and drop source file into Aimersoft DRM Media Converter.

Step 3: After loading, looks down and find “Video file to:” to select a favorite output video format for Sony Xperia Z 3. As MP4 is a widely used video format and supported by Sony Xperia Z 3, i select MP4 as the target video format for Sony Xperia Z and below are my choice:

  • MP4 HD >>HD Video for Source files is BD/HD video
  • MP4 Video >>Common Video for source files is common video.

Step 4: Finally, Hit “Start” button let Aimersoft DRM Media Converter begin the conversion and wait patiently. Once finish, click on “Find Target” to get your converted MP4 video and transfer it to Sony Xperia Z 3. That’a all!  

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