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Play DRM-protected stuff (films, TV-shows) from Amazon Instant Video on Asus Padfone/Padfone2

by Edwin Liu | May 12, 2014 18:26 AM
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As we all know, Amazon Instant Video (formerly Amazon Video On Demand and LoveFilm Instant) is a online video service that offers consumers TV-shows and films for rental or purchase, and up to now, it has been on active since for over 8 years, after its first debuted on September 7, 2006, it immediately attracted a large number of online-video-liker and earned much praises from its consumers. However, There is no garden without its weeds , what makes the consumers unpleasant is that, in order to protect its Business interests, Amazon only allow the consumer play their purchases on Windows Media Player , the purchased media contents from Amazon Instant Video will not works well on other PCs and video playback devices. That’s really unpleasant!

Well, nothing is absolute; if you insist to play DRM-protected media contents on others great mobile media playing machines like Asus Padfon/ Padfone 2, it can also be realized, merely we need a DRM media conversion program tool to help take the annoying DRM protection off from these media contents. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter is an outstanding DRM removal program that can easily help consumer strip video purchases’ DRM restrictions and convert (re-encoding) your DRM-protected videos to widely used, open file formats like MP4, AVI, MKV and M4V etc. while preserving maximize the video‘s quality. Learn more details of this product here, and then use it to get a Non-DRM, Asus-Padfone-playable .MP4 videos from your Amazon Instant Video purchased movies or TV-shows.

Guide to free and convert DRM-protected Amazon Video to Asus Padfone with Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

Step 1: Click here to download this Aimersoft program, then install and launch it on your PC just like a common App.

Step 2:Find the “Add+” button at the upper left corner of the control menu, click it to import source files into Aimersoft DRM Media Converter. Or you can directly drag and drop source file to this program and you can add several files into it at one time.

Step 3: After adding files, go to the bottom of the panel and find “Video file to…” drop-down menu. Tap on it to select an appropriate output video format for Asus Padfone. Simply click “Video format to.” > “Common Video” and select MP4 as the target format.

Step 4:Finally, click the big “Start” button to start the conversion task. Generally it will finish in one to one and a half hours, once finished, hit “Find Target” button to get and transfer the Non-DRM, Asus-Padfone-playable .MP4 videos to your Asus-Padfone/Padfone2 for playback. That’s all!

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