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How to Transfer Songs & Playlists from iTunes to Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player

by Edwin Liu | April 6, 2013 17:20 PM
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Apple’s iCloud service lets users conveniently access their iTunes songs on their different IOS devices without having to sync, but the iCloud does not work on Android devices and Kindle Fires. If you are an iTunes user, and have just registered an account of Google Music or Amazon cloud player, you can consider transferring your music collection from iTunes to Google Music or Amazon cloud player so that you can enjoy your iTunes music on your Android device or Kindle Fire anywhere. Here’s how:

Upload music from iTunes to Google Music

  1. Sign in your Gmail account and then go to music.google.com. If haven’t had a Gmail account, just spend a few minutes to register one.
  2. In the home page of Google Music, click the UPLOAD MUSIC link in the upper right hand corner, and then you will see the “Google Music Manager” app which lets you upload your songs to the cloud and download your entire library from the cloud to local hard drive. Click the lime green button DOWNLOAD MUSIC MANAGER to download and save this app onto your computer.
  3. Double click the downloaded installation file, then it asks you to sign in your Gmail account. Type your Gmail address and password and click Next. In the new dialog, choose the Upload songs to Google Play option and click Next, then it asks you where you will upload music from, just select the iTunes option and click Next to let this app to scan your iTunes folder on your computer. After the scan has completed, it shows you the number of the songs and playlists it found. Now, click the Next to initialize the uploading process. That’s it.

Note, after the music upload completes, if you find that some songs in your iTunes didn’t be transferred into Google Music, these songs must be restricted by Apple’s FairPlay DRM which prevent you from moving them to Google Music. In this case, here’s a simple application named Aimersoft DRM Media Converter which enables you to convert these DRM songs (.M4P/.M4B) to open .MP3 files keeping the original quality.

Import songs from iTunes to Amazon cloud player

  1. Go to amazon.com on the left side of the Amazon home page, move your cursor over the MP3s & Cloud Player option, then, in the submenu that appears, click the Cloud Player for Web option to enter into Amazon cloud service page.
  2. Sign in with your Amazon cloud account.
  3. After sign in, click the yellow button Import your music located in the upper left of the Amazon cloud player page, then a dialog titled “Amazon Music Importer” will appear. On it, click the Start scan button to search your iTunes library to find music and playlists. Additionally, clicking the Browse manually button will let you select music files from your iTunes folder manually.
  4. Once the scanning process is done, this music importer will display founded music files in expandable list, sorted by artists, playlists, etc.
  5. The last step, hit the Import all or Select music button to import entire or selected iTunes songs to your Amazon cloud player account. Done! By the way, being the same as Google Music, to import DRM audio files (.M4P/.M4B) from iTunes to Amazon cloud player, you will also have to strip DRM restrictions on these iTunes files firstly.


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