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How to Play iTunes Purchased Videos & Songs on Xbox 360

by Edwin Liu | March 28, 2013 15:56 PM
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Let’s say you are a big iTunes fan and you’ve just bought a new Xbox 360, when you attempt to transfer your audios & videos stored in iTunes application to your Xbox 360’s hard drive for playing, or directly stream iTunes over to your Xbox 360, you will find that your Xbox 360 can’t play your purchased movies, TV-shows, music videos, audiobooks, and songs bought before 2009, because these media files are restricted by Apple’s FairPlay DRM (digital right management) scheme. Apple use the DRM-protected M4V container to encode the paid video files at iTunes store, and use the DRM-covered AAC tracks to produce M4B audiobooks and M4P music.

If you must play your iTunes purchased videos and songs on your Xbox 360, here’s a utility named DRM Removal from Aimersoft will help you achieve this goal. This program has the ability to re-encode the DRMed .M4Vs/.M4Bs/.M4Ps to Non-DRM version of .MP4s, .WMVs, .AVIs, .MP3s, . WMAs, etc. that are supported by Xbox 360. It also offers two format presets with Standard-Definition quality and High-Definition quality for Xbox 360 so that you don’t have to adjust those unintelligible output parameters like Resolution, Bit rate, Frame rate, and so on. The only thing that kind of sucks about it is that the output file’s quality will go down slightly. This is inevitable while something is compressed or converted into another file format.

You can download the demo-version of Aimersoft DRM Media Converter to test it out. If it really can help you create Xbox-360-playable file formats from your iTunes purchased media files, you can consider paying $35 for the full version.


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