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How to Rip Movie DVDs to MOV Format on Mac Computer

by Edwin Liu | April 12, 2013 16:53 PM
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The .MOV media container is developed by Apple Inc., and almost all media playing and editing applications (e.g. QuickTime, iTunes, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc.) on Mac computer support the files with the extension of .MOV. If your movies or TV programming are still on the physical DVD disks, you can consider ripping DVDs to MOV videos onto your Mac hard drive for more conveniently playing or editing. Here’s how:

  1. Download Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac, and then install it to your Mac computer.
  2. Place a DVD into the CD/DVD drive of your Mac computer.
  3. Open a Finder window, in the sidebar on the left side of the opened Finder window, you should see the DVD under the Device heading.  
  4. Launch the Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac, drag and drop the DVD from the Finder’s sidebar to the ripper application’s main window, then the ripper will start scanning your CD/DVD drive and eventually display the DVD titles in its workspace.

  5. Choose a DVD title. Over the title, you will see a file format icon. Clicking the icon will allow you to select your desired MOV conversion profile.

  6. Right-click the chosen title, and then click the Media Edit option to open the media edit panel on which you can trim DVD title’s length, crop video frame, rotate video angle, adjust video effects, and other basic media editing operations.
  7. The last step, click the “” icon to initialize the process of ripping media contents off DVD disc and converting the ripped files to MOV video format.

I used the Leawo DVD Ripper for Mac to successfully rip several Disney DVDs to MOV format on my MacBook Pro, and the time spent on ripping each DVD was close to the original DVD’s duration.


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