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Free to Burn Videos & Photos to DVD Discs for Using on a Regular DVD Player

by Edwin Liu | April 23, 2013 18:34 PM
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Windows DVD Maker is a good free DVD burning software built in Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate and Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. If you want to make DVDs easily and for free with photos or videos you already have, just give Window DVD Maker a try. It is easy to use and allows you to create a DVD of your own style. Below is the detailed tutorial showing how to burn DVD with Windows DVD Maker in Windows 7:

  1. Open Windows DVD Maker.
  2. Insert a blank DVD disc into DVD-ROM. If an AutoPlay window pops up, hit on Burn a DVD video disc, and then the Windows DVD Maker will open automatically.

    If the AutoPlay window doesn’t show or be closed, here are two methods for you to open the program:

    • Click Start, hit All Program, then find Windows DVD Maker and open it up.
    • Type Windows DVD Maker in the Search Box, and when it shows, launch the program.

  3. Add media files.
  4. When launching the program, a window shows. Then hit Choose Photos and Video button in the lower right.

    When the main window of Windows DVD Maker shows, there are two methods to add media:

    • Click Add items to choose photos or videos you want to add.
    • Drag and drop photos or videos from your computer to the Windows DVD main window.

    Then the selected videos will be listed in the window and the selected photos will be automatically stored in a folder named Slide Show. Open it and you can remove and change order of the photos or videos you have selected.

    To remove items, you can select the photo or video, then click on Remove items on the upper part of the window.

    To change order, you can you the drag-and-drop method or select the items and use the arrows next to Remove items to move the items up and down.

    Also, you should hit the pull-down menu DVD Burner in the upper right to choose the right DVD Burner with a blank disc in it. Besides, you are allowed to type the name of DVD Title at the bottom of the window. Then hit Next button to come to the Ready to Burn DVD window.

  5. Burn DVD.
  6. There are four buttons at the top of the window: Preview, Menu text, Customize menu and Slide Show. And in the right Menu Styles, choose your favorite menu style for the video.

    • Hit Preview icon to view the video that will be recorded on DVD disc.
    • Hit Menu text to change the Font, DVD title, Play button, Scenes button, Notes button as you prefer.
    • Hit Customize menu if you want to customize the menu style. You can add foreground or background video or add music by hitting Browser… button and choosing files to add. Then click Save as new style to save it for later use.
    • Hit Slide Show to add, remove, and move up/down the music. Also you can change the slide show picture length and the transition effect between the slides. When all these have been settled, click Change Slide Show button.

    If everything is up to your expectation, simply go ahead and hit Burn button to burn the video on DVD discs. When the disc is ready, it will eject automatically.

P.s. Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is a great alternative to Windows DVD Maker. This program has more rich features. Besides burning videos/images to DVDs, it has the ability to rip(decrypt) commercial DVDs, convert any types of video and audio files (It even converts the DRMed iTunes video purchases to open file formats by the way), download videos from video sharing website ... You can directly download it here if you want to give it a try.


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