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Free to Extract Subtitles from DVD on Mac and PC

by Edwin Liu | April 28, 2013 14:55 PM
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Many today’s DVD rippers can only retain one subtitle when ripping the multi-sub DVDs to MKVs, AVIs, M4Vs, etc. Therefore, we have to rip the subtitles from the original DVD movies, and then add them back to the DVD-Rip files by ourselves.

Unfortunately, people who are not computer geeks can not figure out how to extract subtitles from DVD movies. Here I will share a free, easy solution to this problem.

  1. Download a small freeware named Avidemux (just make a google search for it), and install it onto your computer. Avidemux is a free video editor for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It can do a good job to extract subtitle from DVD on Wins & Mac computer.
  2. Insert the DVD into DVD drive and launch the program and load DVD files.
  3. In the main window, click Tools and choose VOB -> VobSub..., then a Vob to VobSub window pops up.

  4. Hit on the first Open button behind VOB file(s) and the Select VOB file(s) window shows. Then you must choose the VOB file named VTS_01_1.VOB.
  5. Hit on the second Open button of IFO file, then select VTS_01_0.IFO according to the VOB format just selected.
  6. Hit on the third Open button behind VobSub file and the Select VobSub file window appears. In the box behind Save As, simply type “sub.idx”. Click Save in the lower right corner. When all these are done, press OK button in Vob to VobSub window and a Generating VobSub file window pops up. Wait several minutes until it finishes and then two files: sub.idx and sub.sub will shows in the VobSub window.
  7. Again click the Tools button and select OCR (VobSub -> srt)..., and Select input and output files window shows. In it, press the Select idx file button. Then the VobSub Settings window appears.

  8. In the VobSub Settings window, hit the Open button and the Select Idx File window shows. Then select sub.idx file and hit on the Open button in the Select Idx File window.
  9. There is more than one language in a DVD, so you have to choose one you want to extract, then click OK. If you want more subtitles, you can star over repeatedly

  10. Go back to the Select input and output files window, press the Open button behind Output SRT file to save the final subtitles file. You also can give it a name like subs.srt. You just extract subtitels from a DVD.


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