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How to Edit DVD Movies or VOB Files with Aimersoft DVD Ripper

by Edwin Liu | April 18, 2013 15:20 PM (Updated 01/29/2016)
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Want to make the DVD file size smaller to save some room for your hard drive? Or want to make a wonderful homemade DVD with amazing effect for sharing with others? Don’t hesitate to choose Aimersoft DVD Ripper to help you complete the video editing task. I’m sure you will be impressed by its powerful editing function.

Just free download Aimersoft DVD Ripper and following the easy-to-use tutorial to edit the video you want to edit.

Step1. Insert a DVD into DVD-ROM. Launch the program and import DVD files by clicking “Load DVD” icon. If your the DVD you want to edit has already on your local hard drive in .VOB format, you can directly drag & drop the VOB files onto the ripper's interface to load it.

Step2. Hit “Edit ” button to reach the video edit window shows. It contains the up Original Preview window and the down Output Preview window. Below are the Trim, Crop, Effect and Watermark tabs. Here you can:

  • Trim the video length to clip your favorite part off. Here are two methods:
    1. Hit the Trim tab, and then drag the slide bar to wherever you want to clip.
    2. Hit the Trim tab. Type the start time and end time that you want to clip into the boxes of Start Time and End Time.

    3. BTY, you also can merge several titles or chapters into one big file. To do this, close the video edit window and go to the main interface displaying all titles/chapters, then choose multiple titles/chapters you want to merge, and right click, a panel shows. Then click the Merge option. Done.

  • Crop the video margin to give you a perfect viewing experience. Two method:
    1. Click the Crop tab. Then drag the Crop Line in the left original preview window. Drag the left bar to crop left; drag the top bar to crop top, etc.
    2. Click the Crop tab. Enter crop value to the Left, Top, Cropped Size boxes at the lower part of the window.

    3. P.s. There is a drop-down menu Zoom. In it, select Full Screen the output video will certainly be full screen on your device. But don’t crop the video too much, or you will have the distorted video.

  • Adjust the effects of DVD movies.

    Hit Effect tab and adjust DVD films' picture brightness, contrast, saturation, and volume by moving the slide bars under Effect.
  • Add text or image watermark

    First, choose Enable Watermark after clicking Watermark tab. You can either add the image watermark or text watermark as you prefer.

    To add image mark, select Image Watermark, then click “ ” to select the image you want to add.

    To add text mark, just input the text you want to add. Hit "" to change the color and font of the text.

    Second, adjust the watermark.
    • Move the slide bar of Transparency to change the transparency of the watermark.
    • Move the slide bars of Left Margin and Top Margin to change the location of the watermark. Also you can move the Watermark Frame to anywhere you like.
    • Type the image size values in the boxes at the lower right corner. Also you can drag the Watermark Line to change the location of watermark.

Step3. After doing all these editing, click the “OK” button in the lower right to save the editing.

Enjoy editing!


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