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How to Play DVD on Nintendo Wii

by Edwin Liu | April 27, 2013 16:29 PM (updated 02/25/2016)
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There always exist some people in the forums or blogs asking about “can the Nintendo Wii play DVDs and how to do it’. Actually, according to Nintendo official description, the Wii does not support video DVD & CDs by design. This was a decision made by Nintendo to preserve their game systems as game systems, not a multimedia system like Sony PS3 with video DVD/Blu-Ray support and Microsoft 360 with streaming media (How-to: Play iTunes Purchased Videos & Songs on Xbox 360). The Wii just doesn't have the software do to it.

However, if you persist in doing DVD enjoyment on Wii, In fact, it can also realize. There are still two ways found by third parties to play DVDs on the Wii:

Method 1: Install a modchip or Softmod Wii & use a homebrew media app

Select some available brands of modchips for the Wii. And open up the Wii and solder in an expensive modchip and installing a mod chip such as Wii Key is extremely risky and will void the warranty.

In addition, you can add Wii Homebrew app by hacking to unlock the Wii, then you can add DVD playback to the original unmodified Wii units. Homebrew media players on the Wii work better with digital video files that are not higher than 720p resolution and can do streaming media with a LAN-based resources (like a computer storing the files), but streaming media over a network does require some work to set-up. It could be used for illegal means, but it requires more involvement of the user than just installing the Homebrew Channel.

Method 2: Rip DVD to Wii video (Highly recommend)

Under the help of Aimersoft DVD Ripper, you can easily rip DVD to Wii video on PC for your Nintendo Wii, after the conversion, link the computer to your Wii and transfer the ripped video to Wii SD card, then you can play it with Photo Channel on Wii. This is a highly recommended method to play DVDs on Wii, as it will neither make changes to the software nor hardware of the Wii. Just follow the step by step guide below to learn how DVD plays on Wii…

  1. Directly download Aimersoft DVD Ripper, and then install and run it on your computer.
  2. Import source files into Aimersoft DVD Ripper. After this DVD Ripper was installed on your computer successfully, Run it and hit the "Load DVD" icon to Load your DVD files into it from DVD drive by importing DVD files, you can select DVD subtitle, audio and angle, preview DVD videos, snap screenshots, etc...

  3. Choose suitable Wii format. Click the Profile drop-down menu like in the picture below and select "Game Handware" > “Wii".

  4. Start the conversion.
Finally, just click the big icon "Start" to start the conversion. It may take some time to convert a feature-length DVD because it converts with no quality loss. As soon as the conversion is done, link the computer to your Wii and transfer the ripped video to Wii SD card, then you can play it with Photo Channel on Wii. Done!


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