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How to Remove Scratches of DVD Discs

by Edwin Liu | April 7, 2013 14:46 PM
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It is very normal to make scratches when using DVDs, but many DVD lovers is very harsh to their DVD discs and never allow anything bad happen to them. So they think it is very annoying to see any scratches existing on their discs. If you are one of them, you should be happy, because you can do something about those annoying scratches now. By the way, if you wish to copy your easy-to-scratched DVDs to computer for backup, this DVD ripper program will help you get this job done.

Below is the step by step tutorial to teach you how to remove the annoying scratches on DVD discs:

1. If some slight scratches appear on your DVD discs you, you can use some soft cloth to clean slightly. Please remember always clean in straight lines from the center of the disc outwards, because the data of DVD discs are put in circle. If you clean DVDs in a circular motion, you will make things even worse.

2. For stain or sticky staff that is difficult to remove, you can clean them with clean water. If water cannot remove them, soapy water or alcohol with low concentration is also available. If both the two ways mentioned above are not feasible, you can smear some peanut oil on the stains and wait one minute, then remove it. Never use the strong cleaner because the dissolved and acidic matters in it will do large damage to your DVD discs.

3. If the DVD discs still can’t play regularly after trying the two methods above, it means your DVD disc has serious scratches on it. How to deal with this problem? Here are two ways for you to fix serious scratches on DVD discs.

  • Filling scratches with optical material. This method is difficult to achieve, because it is very hard for us to find a suitable material to fill the scratches, and this technology is also very difficult to master.
  • Polishing scratches. We can purchase polishing material or toothpaste to polish scratches by ourselves. But we should pay attention not to produce new scratches when polishing the old ones. Because when polishing, many small scratches will show, and these small scratches will do much more harm than the original big scratches. So do remember always clean in straight lines from the center of the disc outwards.

4. You can use the disc polishing machine to polish the scratches on the disc if you have one. However, you should notice that the DVD data layer is only half of the CD, so the polishing number to reduce by half.


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