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An Overall View of a Disc Repair (Polishing) Machine

by Edwin Liu | April 8, 2013 18:30 PM
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It is unavoidable that you will find many scratches on your DVD discs. Then when you insert the scratched DVD into DVD player, numerous mosaics will come into being to annoy you. And many of you will throw it into garbage bin because you just can’t watch it. But if you have a disc repair machine, the scratched discs will be easily fixed.

Tip: If you’re worried about your precious DVDs might be scratched, you can use this DVD ripping (digitizing) program to back up them onto your computer.

#1. Basic information of disc repair machine

Disc repair machine is also called disc polishing machine, which is used to fix the damaged CD, DVD, CD-R, CD-RW discs that cannot be normally play. The work principle of disc polishing machine is: make the need-repair disc run in a super high speed and rub with DVD cleaning pad. The friction appearing in this process will remove the scratches, dust and stain on the surface. Generally speaking, 6 minutes will be enough for polishing. The grinded discs will be covered with a layer of protective films to protect the discs. Recently, the discs sale in the market won’t be too large. The width and length of it are about 15 cm, and its weight is about 250g. When you buy disc repair machine, you’ll always be offered for free a bottle of DVD Polishing Compound Cream, a pair of DVD Polishing Pad (red color), a pair of DVD Cleaning Pad, and a DVD Cleaner. These things are necessities of repairing discs.

#2. Operating instructions of disc polishing machine

  1. Put the DVD Polishing Pad on the cotton seat of both sides.
  2. Lay the scratched disc on the DVD Polishing Pad. Please remember to let the data side face the DVD cleaning pad. Then close the lid and start polishing.
  3. After 6 minutes polishing, it will stop automatically. Then take the DVD Cleaning Pad out and put the it on the two cotton seats. Then drip a drop of DVD Polishing Compound Cream on one DVD Cleaning Pad. Also let data side face the DVD Cleaning Pad. Close the lid to polish.
  4. After the disc repair machine has stopped, get the DVD disc out and place the repaired DVD disc to your DVD player to see if it can work normally.
  5. When the DVD has been scratched much badly, you’d better to repair it repeatly. If the repeated rubs are up to 5 times, but the DVD still can’t be play normally, this proves that the disc’s data plane has been damaged too deeply to repair.

#3. The key points for attention in using the disc repair machine

  1. Don’t let the disc repair machine work without DVD disc.
  2. You’d better not use the disc repair machine continually over 30 minutes, because this will probably damage the machine.
  3. Don’t dribble too much DVD Polishing Compound Cream to the DVD cleaning pad. Two drops is the most preferable.
  4. The DVD cleaning pad must be kept completely dry.
  5. Clean the DVD Polishing Pad often using the little brush to keep it clean.


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