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Rip and Convert Blu-ray DVDs to Google Nexus 9 for watching with Ease

by Edwin Liu | December 15, 2014 22:45 AM
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Christmas is just around the corner, everywhere is bedecked with baubles and awash with Christmas cheer, and people all over the world are busy getting ready for Christmas. As a Blu-ray DVD movies lover, why not rip, convert & back up the favorite Blu-rays to your Google Nexus 9 for watching during 2014 Christmas holiday to paint the Christmas. Imagine you are watching Avatar, Frozen, Despicable Me 2, The Avengers and Star Trek etc on your Google Nexus 9 without a DVD-ROM, that's gonna be awesome! Well, shut up about that, let's just cut to the chase!

As is known to all, because of copyright protection, people cannot copy and convert the movies on Blu-ray DVDs to Google Nexus 9 supported video directly. So we need the help of Blu-ray DVD Ripper, which is a tool devotes itself to rip and convert Blu-ray DVDs to a series of multimedia devices like Smart phones, Tabs and game consoles etc. Here I shall not explain much about Blu-ray DVD Ripper and directly recommend a practical Blu-ray DVD ripping program named Pavtube Blu-ray DVD Ripper to you as consumers and reviewers have characterized it as the product almost can put out all of the other similar products' flame. Learn more details of Pavtube Blu-ray DVD Ripper or directly follow the guide below to paint your Christmas with Blu-ray DVD movies enjoyment on Google Nexus 9.

Guide to Rip and Convert Blu-ray DVDs to Google Nexus 9 with Pavtube Blu-ray DVD Ripper

Step 1:Download, install and run the Blu-ray DVD ripping program

 Directly download Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper Here, and then install and run this Blu-ray DVD converter onto your windows-based PC. The installation is easy and the whole process will be finished automatically.

Step 2:Import source Blu-ray DVDs into the program

Generally, there exists three ways to import source files into Pavtube Blu-ray DVD Ripper, Load from Disk, Load from folder and Load ISO/IFO. So direct click “ ” to add source Blu-ray movies you want to rip into Pavtube Blu-ray DVD Ripper according to your own condition.

Step 3: Select appropriate output video format for Google Nexus 9

Find the pull-down menu named “Format” from the interface; Hit it to choose an appropriate output video format for Google Nexus 9. After click, you will get a pull-down menu lists a series of preset output video format provided by Pavtube Blu-ray DVD ripper. Refer to the instructions of Google Nexus 9; it is compatible with the HD MP4 video, so here I take “H.264 HD Video (*.MP4)” from “HD Video” as the target video format.

Step 4: Start the conversion of converting Blu-ray DVD to Google Nexus 9

At last, when everything is ready, Press the big “  “ to let Pavtube Blu-ray DVD Ripper start ripping and converting Blu-ray DVD movies to HD MP4 video. When finished, hit “open” to get the converted MP4 video and transfer them to your Google Nexus 9. That’s all!
Note: For the conversion time, each section of DVD Ripper almost is the same and basically equal to the film length.


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