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Getting DVD Playback on Motorola XT/ME Phone Series

by Edwin Liu | May 10, 2013 17:54 PM
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Since the newest smart phone of Motorola X Phone has been exposed, most people’s sights are focusing on the specs, features, and release date rumors of it. As it still has not been released, now let’s look at another two competitive series of smart phone of Motorola: the XT series and the ME series.

The Motorola XT series includes DROID PRO XT610, DEFY XT, MILESTONE XT701/702/711/720, XT800, XT806, XT882, XT883, etc. And the Motorola ME series includes ME501, FLIPOUT ME511, MOTO ME525, BACKFLIP ME600, MILESTONE 2 ME722, ME860 ATRIX, etc. Both of the two series of smart phones have powerful entertainment functions. Since their large screen and high capacity battery, it is great to watch movies and TV shows on them, therefore, many consumers want to put their own DVDs on their Motorola XT/ME device so that they can watch them wherever and whenever.

However, as the movies and TV shows on DVDs are encoded with MPEG2 showing as .VOB file name extension, the Motorola XT and ME phone series do not read the VOB videos, so we need a DVD converter to change its format. Besides, if your DVDs are home made, you can convert them directly. But if they are bought or rent, then the DVDs may be encrypted and you are required to decrypt them, here you will need a DVD ripping program.

I recommend you Aimersoft DVD Ripper which features DVD decryption and video conversion. It can get rid of all your annoyance and is easy to use, what’s more, it has presets for both XT and ME series.

Just operate as the following simple steps:

Step 1: 

Directly download Aimersoft DVD Ripper, then install it to your computer.

Step 2: 

Insert a DVD disc into DVD drive, launch the program. Then click “Load DVD” icon on the top left to load DVD files.

Step 3:

Click the drop-down menu Profile on the lower part of the window, select the Motorola option to choose your output format. The XT Series users can choose the preset Motorola XT 720.

Step 4:

Hit “Start” button to start the conversion. When it’s done, transfer the produced video file to your Motorola XT or ME phone for watching.


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