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How to watch DVD movies on Nintendo DS

by Edwin Liu | April 29, 2013 16:29 PM (Updated 12/25/2015)
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In the forums or discussions, Similar question like “How can I watch DVD or TV shows on my DS/DS Lite” can be seen from time to time, for example, a question is described by a Nintendo DS user as below:

“I've read that i can watch DVD movies on a DS/DS Lite and I have Aimersoft DVD Ripper to convert the movies to be watched on those machines but how do I transfer them to the DS? There are no blank DS cards, are there? If there are, where can i get them?

This article aims to solve these problems.

Followings are the tools we will need:

  1. Moonshell, a homebrew multimedia player for the Nintendo DS/DS lite, which is a well known, popular piece of Nintendo DS homebrew software offers a way to play videos and audio on the DS.
  2. a R4 Revolution card and a mini SD card. The R4 Revolution card is for the Moonshell and the mini SD card is used for storing NPG vdieos.
  3. Aimersoft DVD Ripper which can decrypt DVD discs, and convert movies on DVDs to Nintendo DS/DS lite supported DPG/DPG2/DPG3/DPG4 video formats and MP3, MP2 audio formats.


Step 1: Rip and convert DVD to to DPG.

  1. Directly download Aimersoft DVD Ripper, and then install and run it on your computer
  2. Insert your DVD Disc into your DVD drive, then click “Load DVD” to load source file into this program.

  3. Select the output format. Hit Profile frame to select output profile for your NDS. Select the one meet your device most from the Game Handware column.

  4. Start the conversion. Hit the big Start button to start the conversion. Wait patiently, the conversion will be finish soon.

Step 2: Transfer the DPG Video to your mini SD card.

Insert the mini sd into the sd adapter and then into the card reader. Click open My Computer on your pc. then find the removeable drive, probably for G and click it open, and then drag your DPG video to this removeable drive.

Step 3: Put Moonshell on your Nintendo DS

  1. Download the Moonshell from the internet, then open the .exe file and extract all the files into a folder. Put the folder in a location you can easily find. Plug your MicroSD card and USB adaptor into the computer.
  2. Access the folder you made and open the set-up file, and then a list of all the drives on your computer will appear to you; choose the drive location of your memory card and select install, which takes several minutes to finish. Sort and delete the files is not essentail. Close the folder and Eject your drive from your PC.
  3. Load the MicroSD card from the USB adaptor into your R4 Revolution card. Turn on your Nintendo DS. Run the file "moonshl2.nds." The program lists the controls and options at the start screen. Done!

Step 4: After all the step above done. Retart your DS and load Ripped vdieo into Moonshell. Now navigate to the DPG video file on the top screen of your DS. Done!


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