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How to rip & Convert DVDs to LG G3 for watching at 2014 Christmas

by Edwin Liu | December 27, 2014 16:26 PM
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You received a Christmas gift, which is a nice LG G3 from your father, and later you figured it is a great platform for watching various videos like TV- shows, Youtube videos and DVD movies etc. so you want to put your idle DVDs onto it for watching during the Christmas holiday? If so, the guide below will be a right-hand man for you.

However, every barber knows that the compact-and-light LG G 3 obviously can not play the physics DVD discs directly, so if a LG G3 user want to enjoy DVD movies on his LG phone, using a DVD ripper to copy and convert the movies on the DVD disc into LG G3 supported video formats is the only choice. Here Aimersoft DVD Ripper is highly recommended to you, which is professional DVD ripping software focuses on ripping and converting regular (Home made) and commercial DVDs (DRM-protected) to a number of widely used video formats for playing on popular multimedia devices (smart phones and Tabs) like LG, iPhone, iPad, HTC, SamSung and Lenovo etc. Learn more details of Aimersoft DVD Ripper. Or directly follow the guide below to get your DVDs ripped and converted onto LG G3 for watching.

Simple guide of Ripping and converting with Aimersoft DVD Ripper

1:Click hereto download, install and run Aimersoft DVD Ripper onto computer. Then click "Load DVD" to Load DVD file into this program. Remember to insert the DVD disc into this program before loading.

2:Find and click on "Profile" bar to select your wantted output video format. For LG G3, I recommonded MP4 from Common Video to you.  

3: At last, Press “Start” to start the DVD to MP4 conversion. Leave it alone and do something else, once finished, get the converted video by clicing "Open Folder". That’s all!

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