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CD bag, CD depository dish, DVD packaging case and DVD packing paper bag, which is the best to keep the DVD disc?

by Edwin Liu | April 10, 2013 18:30 PM
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Let’s say you are a big DVD fan and have collected hundreds of DVD discs, unfortunately, some discs can’t be played normally after period of time. What happened? The problem has a good chance of laying on the container which you use to keep your discs. We usually use such four things to store our discs, that CD bag, CD depository dish, DVD packing case and DVD packing paper bag. Now, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the four containers.

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#1. CD bag

The CD bag is the most common way to lodge the DVD disc, also the unsafest way. Because after you have stocked up your CD bag with the discs, if you place your CD bag flat for a long time, the discs inside will be squeezed for a long time. This will probably deform the DVD disc, and in extreme cases, gap the surface of the DVD disc. So, when you use the CD bag to lodge your DVDs, you need to highlight the two point, the first one is not to fill your CD bags fully, and the second one is please set your CD bags on their end.

#2. DVD packing case

The original DVD is always covered a DVD packing case. We probably use this case to store the new DVD we just bought. It should be the best way to store DVD discs. But the quality of many such cases is very poor. The claws in those cases are too hard, and we have to put a lot of effort to take off the discs, which will make DVD discs bent or broken. So we’d better not use these cases with poor quality to store DVD discs.

#3. DVD packing paper bag

Some DVD publishers will release DVD discs with simple package, like paper bags. So some people may put their DVD discs in such paper bags without any other protection. However, we should notice that a thin layer of plastic paper is wrapped up on DVD discs. If we want to store DVD discs for long term storage, we need to remove the plastic paper, or the plastic will melt which is fatal to DVD discs.

#4. CD depository dish

There are three advantages to use CD depository dish comparing with the former three ways. First, it won’t create any squeeze, because every small space is separated by hard board. Second, it is very convenient to take out DVD discs from a CD depository dish and it won’t do any damage to the discs. Third, CD depository dish will avoid light maximally. Thus, you won’t worry about the data of DVD discs will lose.

All in all, CD depository dish is the best container to store DVD discs according to the comparison above.

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