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What Should You Pay Attention When Using DVD Discs

by Edwin Liu | April 14, 2013 17:40 PM
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Everything in use will suffer more or less losses. A DVD disc is not an exception. If you want to better maintain your DVD discs, you need to keep the minimal loss when using them. To prolong their service life, you should follow the seven aspects below: (BTW, anyone who wish to digitize their physical DVD disks onto computer HDD can turn to this DVD ripping software.)

  1. You are only allowed to pick up the disc by sticking your finger through the hole or by grabbing the outer edge of DVD disc. Do not touch the disc’s surface.
  2. Keep DVD discs in disc storage case when they are not in use. You should be cautious and avoid any scratches when putting them in storage case. Also do not bend DVD discs when taking them out.
  3. Make sure that you properly put the disc in DVD tray. Any diagonal will make it get stuck when closing the slot, which will damage not only the disc but also DVD player.
  4. Keep DVD discs far from radiators and heating units. Avoid direct sunshine. (Note: magnetic field has no effect on DVD discs. It is wrong when people say so.)
  5. The appropriate temperature for storing DVD discs is between -20°C and 50°C. The relative humidity is 5% - 90%.
  6. Do not stack DVD discs horizontally when arranging them because it will warp the underlying ones. They ought to be placed vertically. Desiccant should be placed in DVD storage case to avoid excessive damp.
  7. Try to remove the thin plastic paper that wraps up the DVD discs. Once it melts, the melted material will do large damage to your DVD discs.


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