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A Review Report of 10 Free Vdeo & Audio Editing Software

by Edwin Liu | February 1, 2013 17:35 PM
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It seems that the video-audio editing (processing, creating) software are always prepared for the professionals. People who do not have the specialty related knowledge are usually depressed for such program software. But, a fact that can not be ignored is that many people’s local hard drive store a bunch of video clips and audio tracks they recorded by their phones, DVs, cameras, etc. And they indeed have the desires to use a video-audio editing application to edit and produce their own videos for sharing or make their own voice recordings as full and resonant as the professional singers’.

Followings are the top 10 free video & audio editing tools reviews with pros and cons lists. Both novices and experienced users in media editing field could find a suitable one. (A remarkable video & audio converter which can convert both common and DRM-protected video & audio files).

The comparison review results of 5 video editing software:

#1. VirtualDub 1.9.11


- Simple user interface
- Keyboard shortcuts let users look for a speeder navigation
- Include some useful video effects and filters


- Support limited input file formats
- Lack of detailed describe for video editing beginners

#2. Free Video Dub 2.0.3


- Supports large numbers of file formats
- Built-in scene detection
- Edits without reencoding your source video, fast, very easy to use


- Common user interface
- Only includes clipping materials

#3. Avidemux


- Attractive user interface.
- Large well-orgnized filters.
- Decent subtitling support.
- Useful presets for common output tasks.


- The performance is not very satisfactory.

#4. Windows Live Movie Maker


- Supports different kinds of file formats.
- Offers large numbers of animations and effects.
- Simple interface and easy to use.
- AutoMovie Themes add captions and transitions automatically.
- Lots of useful export options.


- Doesn't offer quite the same fine control over its output as some of the competition.

#5. SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV


- Intuitive user interface, simple to use.
- Supports lossless-compressed video editing.
- Fast speed.


- Only supports AVI/MKV file formats.
- The built-in scene detection only works for specified file formats.

Summary: Which one is the best video editing software?

To most users, here's winner is obviously the Windows Live Movie Maker. Maybe the VirtualDub's filter has better scalability and configuration than the WLMM's, but the WLMM still has many powerful function, and is very easy to use.

The comparison review results of 5 audio editing software:

#1. Audacity 1.3.14


- Intuitive user interface.
- Good input file formats support.
- Lots of selections of effects.
- Powerful recording capability.
- Can be extended via the LADSPA/VST plug-in.


- Many functions' implementation needs extra components.
- The program's manual is a little difficult for editing novices to understand.

#2. Expstudio Audio Editor Free 4.31


- Enables to open lots of file formats.
- Easy zoom and editing controls.
- Practical noise reduction effect.
- The program's manual is helpful sometime.


- The free version only supports WAV and MP2 output.
- The numbers of the effects is less than competitor's.

#3. Music Editor Free 2012


- Beautiful user interface.
- Intuitive undee graph.
- Beginner-friendly help texts and tutorials.
- Supports CD ripping and burning.


- Does not allow plug-in support.

#4. WavePad Free


- Can open lots of file formats.
- Simple navigation.
- Decent effect selections.
- Supports VST plug-in.
- Users are allowed to free download sound samples.


- The lite edition's many functions are limited, unless users process the upgrade.

#5. Wavosaur


- Small size.
- Good portability.
- VTS support.
- Simple undee graph.
- Offers lots of audio resources.


- Relatively limited input file formats support.
- A bitter disorderly interface.
- Few effect selections.
- Complicated VTS settings.

Summary: Which one is the best audio editing software?

If you are an audio editing beginner, you can choose the WavePad Free or the Music Editor Free 2012 to process your audio files. The two software will provides you with the basic audio edting tools. Intuitive user interface and practical tutorials can make you familiar with more complicated tasks.

If your are an experienced user, you can choose the Wavosaur. Its size is small, and you even do not need to install it. Compared with many similar products, it has more features and functions.

The best free audio editing software is the Audacity. Unlike other insubstantial software, Audacity includes a rich set of features, and can easily implement many extended functions via plug-ins. It is a powerful and satisfactory audio editing software.


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