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Get your lost media & text files back on your iOS mobile device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) with the world’s top iOS data recovery software.

As Apple Inc. continuously launch the new types of the iOS mobile devices (iPhones, iPads and iPod touches), a growing number of people become the user of Apple’s smartphone and tablet. A data report from Nielsen shows that four out of ten smartphone users are carrying around iOS mobile device in the US. Apple Inc. is always proud of its own iOS mobile operating system, but the iOS’ file storage mode has changed little compared with the file storage mode constructed by Microsoft. It means if there are no specific measures, the data stored on the iOS devices would still be lost easily due to virus infections, iOS upgrades or factory settings restores, mistaken file deletions or syncs, device crashes, smashings or breakings, etc.

As a matter of fact, since 2010, the demand of the iOS device data recovery has been on the rise. People who lose data from their iOS device are often very ambivalent: The lost data may not be very important, but it always makes the owners feel reluctant to let their own data go helplessly, so many owners will choose to recover their iOS device’s data files, but the small repair shops may have a credibility problem, while the formal data recovery companies usually charge too much.

To solve the problem with which the iOS device users are struggling, Leawo software company developed and launched the Leawo iOS Data Recovery. This software is based on the simple and easy-to-use design principle, letting users directly recover the deleted or lost media contents (videos/audios/photos saved in Camera Roll, Photo Library, Photo Stream, Message Attachment, and Voice Memo) and text contents (contacts, SMS, iMessages, call history, calendar, notes, reminders, and safari bookmarks) from iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. There is no need for users to have professional data recovery knowledge and skills.

The main features of Leawo iOS Data Recovery are as follows:

  • Directly recover data from the iOS device. As we all know, unlike the Android devices, the iOS devices write the file data onto their built-in encrypted storage disk rather than the removable storage cards, thus, the common file recovery programs will not help you get your lost data back in your iOS device. You need an iOS-device-specific data recovery software to attain your goal. Leawo iOS data recovery is such a software. It thoroughly scans the encrypted storage disk of the iOS device to find those deleted or lost data which you have or haven’t backup with iTunes or iCloud before, and recovers them finally.
  • Recover data from the backup files with iTunes. If your iOS device has been lost or broken (the broken iDevice not recognized in iTunes), and you are not going to buy a new iDevice, you can use this feature to extract files including contacts, call histories, messages (text/MMS/SMS), calendar, notes, pictures, videos, music, apps, etc from your iTunes backup file, and recover them as the accessible file formats like .CSV, .VCF, .HTML, .MOV, .M4A, .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF, etc on your computer.
  • Support 12 types of data restoration including SMS & MMS message, contact, call history, note, calendar, reminder, safari bookmark, voice memo, picture, video, audio, and app.
  • Support all iOS portable device models including iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPod touch 5, and earlier iPhone/iPad/iPod touch models.
  • Heal various data loss circumstances: mistakenly deleted files on your iDevice; your iDevice is broken or crashed; your iDevice can not be open because you forget the password; your iDevice is lost or stolen; the iOS upgrades or downgrades; the iDevice jailbreaking or refurbishing; restore your iDevice to the original factory system defaults.
  • Sufficient file search & filter options. Allow the preview of the recoverable file(s). After scanning your iDevice or iTunes backup file(s), Leawo iOS Recovery will organize the scanned result systematically by file type. Click each file type, then you will see the files have been filtered based on the file’s properties. If the number of the found files is too large, you can simple type the name or format of the file you want to recover into the Search Box to find it quickly, also, you are allowed to preview the recoverable file(s) before recovery.



What Users Say ...

" I accidently deleted photos and movies from my iPhone 4, and this Leawo product helped me get them back remaining intact. Before that, I have tried quite a few data recovery programs, they even couldn’t detect my iPhone device after connecting. "  --- Charles

" My kid bust my iPhone, and I could not turn it on. Thanks to the Leawo iOS data recovery, I used it to export the contact I badly need from the iTunes backup file to Excel quickly."        --- Angelina

"Had purchased this software and use to do a directly recover from my old iPod touch 3rd generation. Highly recommend it to iOS device users who lost data."         --- Vincent

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