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21 iTunes 11 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know

by Edwin Liu | December 26, 2012 15:40 PM
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iTunes 11 was at last released on November 29, 2012. This newly designed music play and management application features an intuitive interface, more iCloud integration, the "Up Next" function and a new MiniPlayer. Today I will introduce all kinds of keyboard shortcuts in iTunes 11. These shortcuts can make your iTunes 11 operation more convenient.

Keyboard shortcuts for general purposes and navigation

- Space bar: Play and pause a song.

- Option + Enter key: Add a selected song to the queue.

- Command + right-arrow key: Play the next song.

- Command + left-arrow key: Play the previous songs.

- Command + up-arrow key: Amplify the sound.

- Command + down-arrow key: Decrease the sound.

- Command + Option + S: Show or hide the left-side navigation

- Command + /: Show or hide the status bar.

Keyboard shortcuts for particular functions

- Command+Option+3: Show or hide the miniplayer.

- Command+Option+m: Switch iTunes window to miniplayer or normal.

- Command+Option+2: Show or hide the iTunes 11's equalizers.

- Command+Option+u: Show or hide iTunes 11's "Up Next" Queue.

Keyboard shortcuts for iTunes 11 library

- Command+1: Music

- Command+2: Movies

- Command+3: TV shows

- Command+4: Podcasts

- Command+5: iTunes U

- Command+6: Books

- Command+7: Apps

- Command+Shift+H: iTunes Store home page

Note, the condition of these shortcuts for iTunes 11 library is that your library stores corresponding type of files. For instance, if there is no TV show in your library, the Command+3 will not work.


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