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7 Useful iPad Tips and Tricks

by Edwin Liu | July 19, 2013 8:44 AM
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We can boldly claim that, there is never a computer uses so easy just like iPad during the computer history. The followings are seven small tips we offer to you, and we believe that they will make your iPad easier to use.

1. Type Letters with Your Thumb

When typing letters on iPad, many users intend to put all the fingers on the touch keyboard just like on the PC keyboard. But it is not so comfortable since the size of iPad keyboard is smaller than PC’s. Actually you can use the “split keyboard”of iPad:to split the keyboard into two halves and place them on left and right sides of screen. Then you can hold the iPad in two hands and type letters with your two thumbs.To activate this function, you need to  press and hold the minimize- keyboard button on the bottom-right corner of the keyboard, and then choose Split.

The  keys on the iPad split keyboard are smaller than those on the standard keyboard. And we all know that, the experience of touch screen keyboard is a litter worse than that of physical keyboard. However, the Split keyboard can’t change this fact, the benefit it brings is to let you hold the iPad in a comfortable position to improve your typing speed.


2. An Emoticon May Be Better Than Thousands of Words

Using emoticons is one of the methods to reduce your reliance on the iPad screen keyboard. I know adding some emoticons to messages is more likely the thing that senior students can do. But you have to admire that sometimes these “stupid” emoticons can express your emotion more correctly.

To start using the emoticon function on iPad, you can press Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji. After you have enabled a second iPad keyboard layout, a message will appear to prompt you to press the globe button to switch keyboards.


This emoticon function has provided six categories including hundreds of colorful emotions: the emoticons you have used recently; smiles; animals and plants; common items; transportations and other common symbols(such as clock,astrological signs, Japanese kanji characters)

3. Use Custom Shortcuts to Type Repeated Text

I really wish I had a nickle. So I often type “I wish I had a nickle.” on iPad. But since I used the custom shortcuts, I just need to type “nkl”and a space, then this sentence will be add to my document.


You can set shortcut keys for the words, expressions, sentences that you may use frequently. Press Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut, type into the phrase and your preferred shortcut keys, then press Save.

After you have created shortcut keys for some phrase, the phrases will be list when you type your shortcut keys.Press the space bar to enter the phrase or press the X to the right of the text to retain the shortcut letters. 

4. Make iPad Recite Your Select Text

If you want iPad to read the text your select, you can go to Settings > General > Accessibility, and set it to Speak Selection to On under the Vision section. After you turn on this function, there will be a slider control which can help you adjust the read speed.


When the Speaking Selection is enabled, a Speaking option will appear after you select a text. Press the Speaking option, then there will be a voice that sounds like Siri to read your text. The default voice may sound a little funny: The reading speed is hurry, but the pauses at punctuation are unnaturally long. Considering it is a voice composed by machines, we cannot require it to perform like human beings.

5. Select An Entire Text with Four Clicks

The default way to select text on iPad always makes people crazy: Click the screen to choose one word, then drag the initial icon which is on the left of the selected word to adjust the range of selection text.

A quick way to select an entire paragraph is to click the screen four times continuously. You only need to click sightly on the text and then the whole text will be selected and read out(if you have turned on the Speak Selection function which we have introduced previous).

6. Swipe Screen to Switch Opened App

The most popular way to switch app on iPad for majority people is to press Home button, and then select the icon of new application. If you have put the apps in a folder, you still need to open the specified folder.

A more convenient way is to use four or five fingers to swipe the screen from left to right, then you can go from one opened app to another. In addition, you can swipe with four or five fingers on the bottom of the screen to open the multitasking bar which shows all the running apps at present.

7. Double Click to Zoom Screen

Most users know that you can zoom iPad screen and pictures with two fingers. But you never know that the zooming also can be done by double click with three fingers. This method is more convenient than using two fingers.

The use-method of this function is to double-tap with three fingers and hold, then scroll up to zoom in and down to zoom out. Once you've got your preferred zoom level, you can move the screen by swiping left, right, up, and down with three fingers. And the screen will return to the original size by double tap again.

If you want to enable this function, you can press Settings > General >Accessibility and turn on he Zoom in the Version section.


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