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Common Reasons of Hard Disk Data lost

by Edwin Liu | July 7, 2013 11:19 AM
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The common hard disk faults can be generally divided into two categories: Logic problem and physical problem. And their corresponding data recovery are called logic recovery and physical recovery. Logic recovery refers to do the data recovery through a data recovery software, and the whole process does not involve hardware repairing. The reasons that cause data disaster are usually viral infection, mistakenly formatting, accidentally partition or clone, mistakenly deleting, power failure, etc.

The common features and performances of logic fault: can not access the operate system; the files can not be read or can not be opened by associated applications; file lost; partition lost; garbled display, etc. Actually, the reasons that result in data lost are very complicated. Each condition has its specific performance, or sometimes many performances exist together. Generally speaking, as long as the data field is not covered thoroughly, the lost files can be retrieved successfully.

Mistakenly deleting: This kind of data lost is usually caused by incorrect operation. There is a high successful recovery rate for such kind of fault. Although you have done other operations after files are deleted, you still have a great chance to restore them.

Accidentally formatting: Users formatted and reinstalled OS after the system crashed but forgot to backup some important files in the hard disk. Data lost under such condition also can be recovered.

Mistakenly partition or clone: This kind of data lost is due to the users incorrectly operation when they are using PQ Magic and Ghost. It is also recoverable, but maybe a little difficult.

Virus damage: The rate that files are damaged by virus is rather high. Virus can damage the data in many ways. The first one is to make the partition lost by changing partition table of the hard drive. And the second one is to delete your files. The virus mainly damages files such as word, excel, jpg, mpg, etc.

Files damage: Most of the virus damage cases are associated with anti-virus. Many virus injected files can’t be opened after anti-virus. Also, still there are other reasons that can lead to files damage, for example, installed one software, ran a program, or encountered hacker attack, etc.

Some notes you should understand:

  1. Please do not try any operation when you find your data is lost, especially to put new content into your hard drive. Or the original data may be covered, and the data recovery maybe rather difficult.
  2. If you have lost some data in C Drive, please turn off your computer immediately. Because the virtual memory and temporary files produced by the OS running also can cause damage to data.
  3. Don’t use the system restore function of Windows. This action is not able to get the lost files for you. It will only add more trouble to the following data recovery process.
  4. Please don’t use the anti-virus software repeatedly, these operations also can’t find the lost data for you.

If you want to recover your lost data from hard disk, you can refer to how to recover hard drive lost data to learn it.


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