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Guides to Save Your Water-damaged iPhone

by Edwin Liu | May 16, 2013 15:50 PM
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One of the most maddening things in the world is: Your iPhone jumped into water unexpectedly. Many people don’t know what to do and how to do when they meet such circumstances. However, you should realize that wrong actions will lead your iPhone totally destroyed. So this post will provide some advices to guide you how to save your water-damaged iPhone timely, and I hope it will be a light for you when you are in such troubles.

IPhone dropped into water:

  1. Pick it up from water immediately. If your phone hasn’t already shut down when you retrieve it, hold the button on the top right corner of the phone to shut it off as soon as possible. Once you failed to do this, just move to the next step quickly.
  2. Don’t try to turn it on or battery charging if it is already shut off. Because iPhone has a built-in battery and you can not get it out, and the circuit board may will be short when water- damaged, so it will destroy the circuit board if you turn on your iphone, this may cause irreparable consequences.
  3. Remove the protective case from your Iphone if is has one, Do not remove your Iphone screen protective sheet.
  4. Wipe its surface with a dry&clean cloth if it dropped into clean water; but if it’s corrodibility liquid, you should clean it with some pure water or alcohol. (Don’t rinse it under the tap!)
  5. Dry the earphone and charging socket with a soft&slim&dry paper .
  6. Take out the SIM card, also dry it with a clean cloth and dry the card slot with soft&slim&dry paper.
  7. Dry the external of your iphone with a blow dryer according to its condition falling into the water. For example, if your iphone is straightly dropping into the water, or only the lower half part fell into the water, then you should put it vertically, and use a fan or hair dryer to dry it. At this step, remmeber that do not use hot air, because the button cables of iPhone are plastic, they can not resist high temperature.
  8. Package your iphone with some clean tissues after you have finished all the steps above quickly, and then put it into a bolw of uncooked rice, and wait for three ot four days, the rice will absorb the residual water in your iphone. If you can make sure that there is a little water poured into your iphone, this method will be usefull.
  9. If you can’t sure the amount of water in your iphone, I advise you go to the Apple Store immediately, and let their professional service master examin your iphone.


  1. Do not swing your iphone when there is water in it! Or the water may run to other part of your iphone!
  2. Don’t turn your blow dryer to high tempreture, it will hurt the LCD screen of your iphone.
  3. All the steps you should do as soon as possible, and never try to turn on your iphone during all the process!


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