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How to Set a Video as Desktop Wallpaper/Background

by Edwin Liu | May 9, 2013 16:01 PM
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It is really cool to have a favorite video as desktop wallpaper instead of the normal boring static ones. And many people keep asking how to set a video as desktop background? This article will provide you with an easy solution to put a video as desktop wallpaper.

Now follow the easy-to-use guide:

  1. Download VLC Media Player and install it to your computer.
  2. VLC media player is a free and powerful cross-platform media player from Video LAN project. It can play almost any file format. Moreover, you can use it to create video desktop wallpaper with ease.

  3. Launch VLC media player and hit on Tools tab and select Preferences to come to the Preferences window.
  4. On the Preference interface, click the Video button on the left side and the Video Settings panel shows. On it, simply click DirectX Video Output in the pull-down menu Output. After that, hit on the check box in front of the Enable wallpaper mode Tab. Then click the Save button at the lower left corner to save the settings.
  5. Select and play video that you want to set as desktop background with VLC. Two methods:
  6. Method1: hit Media tab at the heading of the window and click Open file button to browser and select the desired video. Then play it.
    Method2: exit VLC media player and reopen it. Then drag and drop the video file into VLC media player main window to load and play the video.

  7. Click Video button at the heading of the interface and select DirectX Wallpaper to apply the video as desktop wallpaper. Or you can get the same result by right click on the play screen and click Video-> DirectX Wallpaper.

Now, you can minimize VLC media player and enjoy the video as the desktop wallpaper. You may get the warning like below, just ignore it. When you exit VLC, it will disappear.

When you want to use the normal wallpaper again, you can go to the main window of VLC media player and click on Video and then deselect DirectX Wallpaper. To choose the normal wallpaper you can go to the Control Panel and click on Appearance and Personalization and then click Personalization to select theme for your computer. That’s it!


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