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Introduction of Display Technology, LCD and OLED

by Edwin Liu | August 9, 2013 9:43 AM
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The main display technology presently can be subsumed under two categories: LCD and OLED.


LCD is a kind of more mature and traditional display technology which can be extended to some subclass technologies such as TFT、IPS、TFD、SLCD. Here one thing should be proposed is TFT and LCD have overlapping on concept. TFT is as well considered as the general name of all panels with LCD. We classify TFT into the subclass of LCD in accordance with the general usage.

  1. TFT. TFT(abbr of Thin Film Transistor) is one of the kind of AM-LCD. It can set up the special light pipe on the back of liquid crystal which is capable of “initiativly” controlling every independent pixel on the screen, so that it can reatly increase the reaction time.
  2. IPS. IPS(known as Super TFT) is the advanced version of TFT. Its superiority is more tranparent and colorful on display effect and wider on view point. In practical application, the typical case is Iphone series like iphone4, iphone4s.
  3. TFD. TFD(abbr of Thin Film Diode) was developed by Seiko and Epson specially applied to the screen of mobile phone. The most obvious feature TFD is that it has the skill of providing the display of high quaily images under either the circumstances of closing down the backlight or open it. As well as the advantages of low power consumpution、high quality images and quick reaction speed.
  4. SLCD. SLCD(Super LCD) may be regarded as the senior advanced version. The technology is much close to the effect of OLED in the respects of color and viewing angle. The popularity of SLCD technology is counting on HTC. For its main models all adopt this techonology.


OLED(Organic Light Emitting Display), different from the traditional LCD in display mode, adopts very thin organic material paint-coat and glass substrate and no backlight. When there is electricity flowing through, the organic materials will give out light. Moreover, the display with OLED can be made lighter and thinner with wider viewing angle and saving more electric energy.

  1. AMOLED. AMOLED is the original generation of Samsung. It is less use now.
  2. Super AMOLED. It’s the second generation technology. It quite widely use. Super AMOLED has high color saturation and more colorful display.
  3. Super AMOLED Plus.

It mainly aims at the improvement of Super AMOLED with changing Pentile sub pixel arrangement to tranditional RGB mode, so that it restores the disadvatage of strong granular sensation of Super AMOLED.


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