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Probable Reasons for CD/DVD Drive Cannot Read Disks

by Edwin Liu | May 9, 2013 18:20 PM
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We all know that disks are used to store data. For example, some use disks to store audios and videos, some to store operating systems. No matter what kinds of disks are, we are likely to face such a problem: The computer DVD/CD drive cannot recognize optical disks. So what should we do under this condition?

Here are some methods and steps to help you:

Step 1. Two reasons for optical disks could not be indentified, one is DVD/CD-ROM, and the other is the disk itself. First of all, we have to check whether is the problem of disks. When buying disks, it’s easy to buy inferior pirate disk, as the disk itself is of poor quality, so DVD/CD drive can not identify the disk. We can insert the disk to another drive, if it still can’t recognize the disk, it may be that disk’s own problems.

Step2. If other drive can read the disk, that means the drive we are using may have a problem. Befor checking the hardware, Let’s have a look at software problems first. Of course the first is the driver. A drive is the bridge to connect the operating system and hardware, bridge is broken when the drive has problems, so the disk could not be read. We need to check whether the driver works normally, if it is caused by updating the driver operation that leading the disk can not be read in drive. If it is, you just need to ¬†return to the original driver.

Step3. As the biggest killer of a computer, we should not forget the computer virus. If the drive virus is on your computer, you may lost drive letter, that also may cause optical disk cannot be recognized. If it is caused by a virus, the problem will be solved after killing the virus.

Step4. After get rid of the above reasons, we need to have a look at the hardware. First is the dust. It is easy to accumulate dust for computer in the using process, the dust will reduce the ability of hardware processing. If there is too much dust in the drive, it may can not read the disk. We can use a cotton swab or alcohol cotton ball to clean it, when it is dry, you can continue using it.

Step5. People need to exercise, the drive also needs activities. The drive may not read disc if you don’t use it for a long time.The lack of "motion" will make the transmission mechanism short of lubrication, then resulting in low speed or can't turn at all. What we need to do is to add some lubricant on the sliding shaft and metal shaft, thus the drive may indentify the disk again.

Step6. We certainly should not forget the most important part of the DVD/CD drive-- laser head. As the heart a DVD/CD drive, laser head is most precision part, it is mainly responsible for the data-read, so whether it is good or not has a close relation to the disk-reading. We can open the drive to see whether the laser head accumulated dust, if any, we can do some cleanup operations on it(just as the step 5 has mentioned), and then to see whether it can read the disk normally.

Step7. Check whether the pressure of the clamp on the disk tray is adequate. With the increasing time of drive using, the pressure of the clamp will gradually decrease, finnally may result in cannot provide enough pressure for disk. If the disk slips in the drive, it certainly can’t indentify the disk with a good effect. You can press on the clamp gently when the disk is turnning, if effect is improved, that means the problem is pressure of the clamp is too small. Then you can bend downward the clamp gently, if there is a spring, you can take it out to stretch and then put it back.


Small Tips:

  1. Actually you don’t need to do the update operation, if your driver can work normally. A lot of problems are caused by the driver-updating, the newest drive may not be the most suitable for you.
  2. Daily cleaning is very important for the computer, not only the drive, but also the other equipments.
  3. If the drive does not often use, then there will occur many problems. So, if the DVD/CD-ROM is still necessary for you, please let it move often.

Above are some probable the reasons on DVD/CD-ROM can not recognize disks, hope this will be helpful to you.


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