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Solutions for External Hard Drives being not opened by Double Click

by Edwin Liu | July 7, 2013 11:30 AM
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Most cases that external hard drives cannot be opened by double click are caused by virus infection.

Autorun . Inf” is such a kind of virus that special for external hard drives. It will create a file named “autorun . Inf” under each partition of a external hard drive. In this file, also there is a Recycler directory. Pay attention that the name of this directory seems very similar to the name of Recycle Bin, but actually there is virus in it. Just because the virus, when you double click your external hard drive, it prompts that your access is denied.

So how to solve such problems? Here I will provide two common solutions for you to solve the troubles.

Solution One

When you cannot open your external hard drive by double click, you can try to open it by right click and then hit on Open button. If it is still cannot be opened, you can try the Resource Manager. You will find a file named “autorun . Inf” which is under the root directory of the external hard drive. After you open it, you will see a sign “OPEN = ×××”. Behind the symbol “=” is just the place where the virus stays. You need to delete the virus and then delete the “autorun . Inf” file.
Notice: These virus files are all system files. You need to select “Display all the files” which is under the File and uncheck the “Hide protected system file”.

Solution Two

  1. Click Start, then click Run and type “cmd” into the blank.
  2. When you enter the DOS interface, you can type g:” in the first sentence of the DOS interface, then press Enter button, if your external hard drive displays as G drive in My Computer. Then you need to type “dir/a”, and press Enter button again. You will see a file named “autorun . Inf” when all these actions are finished.
  3. When you find this file, please type “attrib-s-h-r autorun,inf” in the DOS. This operating is to change the property of the “autorun . Inf” file. Then you have to type “del autorun. inf”, and thus you will wipe the remaining virus. And you can also open your external hard drive by double click.

Tip: Virus injection always leads to data losing or file damage. So when you open your external hard drive successfully through the above methods, you may find some of your data are lost, or you cannot open the files because of virus injection. If you need to recover the data you have lost, you can refer to this article: "How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive (Western Digital, Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Seagate, SimpleTech)".


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