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Solutions for No Sound When Playing Videos

by Edwin Liu | May 14, 2013 16:03 PM
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With the popularization of computer, watching videos on the Internet has gradually replaced watching TV programs and shows on TV. Because there is no advertising when watching videos on the Internet, you just need to search it and don’t have to wait. But watching videos online will often encounter such problem: There is no sound when videos are playing. So what should we do when such problems exist? The followings are some reasons and solutions for you to overcome this trouble.

TIPS: The videos we often watched can be generally devided into two kinds, one is download videos, the other is online videos. Different kinds of video may have different reasons and solutions for without sounds, but they still have something in common.

Videos have no sound for Common Conditions:

  1. The primary thing to mention is audio mute. Open the volume control panel to check whether it is turned to the audio mute option. If it is, we certainly cannot hear anything on the video, even any sounds of operating. Sometimes it may be caused by our forgetting to turn it back, but sometimes may be the mute virus. If it isn’t man-made mute, maybe it is the virus. You will need a professional anti-virus software to kill it.
  2. The second thing we have to mention is the driver of the sound card. The driver has no problem on normal conditions, but it will be different if you have updated it. Many problems are caused by the driver-updating, so you can return it to the original to see whether the problem is solved, if still not, you can try to upload the driver and then re-install it.
  3. Another easy-to-ignore aspect is service. The running of many programs depends on its relevant service. If the service of it is not turned on, it won’t working normally. The service on which the sound depends is Windows Audio. Right-click My computer, click management, find the service options, double-click, then find the Windows Audio option to see if it's open, if not, turn it on and set it to automatical.
  4. Of couse, you can’t only look for problems on system. When you are using earphones or acoustics, these hardwares also can lead our videos without sounds. If you are working with a laptop, you can remove the external earphone or acoustics to see whether you can hear the sounds. If you can, that will be the problem of your external devices; if not, that is the problem the syetem.

Videos have no sound for Download Videos:

  1. The videos we are playing have no sounds, the first what we should do is to check whether we turned the sound option to audio mute mode or adjust the volume to the lowest.
  2. The second is the problem of the player itself. Sometimes the player may not be able to decode the audio of some videos so that the videos have no sound. At this moment, we can download and install an audio decoder, or replace the player to another which can decode this audio.
  3. Another case is the video itself has no sound, this condition may not happen very often, but it also exists.

Videos have no sound for Online Videos:

  1. Maybe it is popular to download videos before, but now more and more people choose to watch videos online. After all, it still needs time to wait for the download, you can watch directly online. If there is no sound when you are watching online, the first you should do is same as above saying, to check whether the sound of the player is open or the volume is turned to the lowest.
  2. Now many browsers have attached a webpage mute function, once it is opened, all the voices on the webpage will can’t be heard. You can have a look at whether the browser you are using is opened the mute function, if opened, the sound of the video will be heard after you turn it down.


  1. Service may be the reason that easy to ignore for many users.
  2. The newest driver may not be the best, if your driver doesn’t have any faults during the using process, it is not recommended to update.


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