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Why Burned DVD Won’t Play on DVD Player?

by Edwin Liu | May 12, 2013 16:25 PM
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Making a DVD at home is very easy and simple now. Many people want to burn DVDs for various purposes. But it is really annoying when you find your just burned DVD won’t play on your DVD player. There are many reasons for this. If you want to figure thse out, please read the following post:

1. File format
DVD player can only read and play a very limited file formats. Before burning a DVD, you should make sure that the format of the video is well supported on the DVD player. A regular DVD player can only support DVD videos VOB files encoded by MPEG-2. And some newer DVD players will also read and play XVID or DIVX codecs encoded DVD videos. Also if you burn a data disc, it also probably won’t be playable on DVD player. By the way, here is a great video conversion program named Aimersoft video converter ultimate which enables you re-encode any videos to DVD format (MPEG-2), you can directly download it here if you need.

2. DVD disc types
There are various DVD types that are available on market. DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW are four common burned DVDs. But certain DVDs can only be accepted by certain DVD burner and DVD player. For example, a DVD-R is compatible only with a burner that supports DVD-R. So before buying or burning a blank DVD, you should figure out what DVD types are supported by your DVD burner and player.

3. DVD player
There exist many kinds of DVD players with different quality. In general, older DVD player produced a few years ago are not compatible with burned DVDs. And DVD player with better quality will usually support and play more DVD types and DVD file formats, but the cost is expensive. Then it is necessary to know if the DVD is supported by your DVD player before recording.

4. DVD recording speed.
When burning a DVD, you are given an option to choose the burning speed (2X, 4X, 8X…). Usually, the slower the burning speed, the more likely to normally play burned DVD. Actually, some DVD players even can’t play DVD discs burned at speed faster than 4X.

5. Scratches and dust on the DVD disc
If your burned DVDs get scratched or have dust on them, they won’t be regularly played on DVD player. In this case, you can remove the scratches or clean the DVD disc by use some special methods. (How to Remove Scratches of DVD Discs.)

6. Other probable reasons
Beside the reasons mentioned above, here are some other possible reasons for burned DVD won’t play on DVD player: DVD disc quality is bad; DVD-ROM is dirty or aging; Some DVD players have built-in anti-piracy software to prevent playing burned DVDs…

As long as you realize the reasons of why burned DVD can’t be regularly played on DVD player and find some solutions to fix this, then you will enjoy burning DVDs maximally.


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